Thursday, 5 June 2008

Glad that's over!

I just about survived my first full day at work. Decided to keep myself to myself, and felt much more content. Did feel a bit panicky at lunch time, went to see if Smith's had any my scrapbook mag, had to go thru the queue, did say 'excuse me' to the chap blocking my way, but he was plugged into to his Ipod and didn't hear me, so he said something rude... the old me would have responded, but it really upset me. Back at work I spent sometime helping a chap get onto the DSA website so he could take a driving theory practice test, he didn't know much about computers, but he was a nice chap, very polite. Besides it got me away from the desk. Felt very envious of a lady who came into join, she had just retired, and of course she was chatting about all the things she had planned... it all sounded wonderful.

Half way thru job application, once upon a time all you needed to do was give your details, education etc, any experience and that was it, now they want your ruddy life story. And of course it has to be worded correctly so that you get across that you have all the experience they want.

At last had my hair cut, had sort of been avoiding going to hairdressers, they know mum and I knew I'd have to go thru it all with them. So bit the bullet yesterday, but they were all very nice, and I got the works, including a lovely head massage. Did get a bit annoyed with mum, she'd phoned me up to say that the mobile she has needed charging, I mean... what the heck was I supposed to do at 9.30 pm! It is also something she is perfectly capable of doing, so I told her. She is much stronger now, and is not helpless. The doctor have told her that she just needs to get her strength back, that there is no lasting damage from what happened. But she got an A for effort for having a go with the crutches, she has to get used to them as she can't use a zimmer in the flat.

Haven't felt much like crafting this week, not done anything. Must do some, got a few pics to scrap, a friend sent thru some photos from her hols, so may do those tomorrow. Just feel so tired, did sleep last night, which probably means I won't tonight.

thanks for stopping by. Would tell you about the photo, only it is one my friend sent and I have no idea where it was taken, tho it is very pretty!

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Cazzy said...

I'm glad your Mum is on the mend, hope she doesn't make you ill with all her demands!

Cazzy xx