Monday, 2 June 2008

too officious for words!

I know that I am in an emotional state at the moment, and possibly being a bit over sensitive, but am wondering what has happened to my 'supportive' colleagues, one in particular who is now treating me as if nothing has happened. Can't help but wonder if she is feeling a bit angry and perhaps jealous, when her mum was seriously ill none of the help I am getting was available, we all pitched in as best we could, but management were terrible, being very officious about the whole thing. Our boss is officious, she likes everything to be done properly, as today when she picked up on a minor mistake I made on my application for flexible working, considering what was going on at the time when I was filling it in it is hardly suprising that I may have made a few mistakes. But it was unecessary of her to nit pick. I was far too tired to argue back, but I do find it odd that this is the same person that was so understanding and supportive just a couple of weeks ago, who said I could call her any time... Think they all must be expecting me to switch off when at work, to leave all my emotional upheaval at home!

Photo: this is interesting as it is a swap card. But things were done differently this time, the swap organiser decided to make up kits for us all, all containing the same ingredients, the card had to be for Father's day. I wasn't sure what to make, mulled over a few ideas and then decided to go with the shirt and tie look. First time I've made such a card, used the blue card to be the 'shirt', and the brown to be the trousers. Used the stripey paper to make the tie, folded it into the middle, then stuck it down, then cut it to make the tie shape, made two smaller cuts so it would tuck under the collar, then used the two brads to make collar studs. Used up left over bit from tie to make a hanky, then added 'Dad' to it. Quite pleased with it.

Off now to indulge in some tennis.

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