Monday, 23 June 2008

at last some happy time!

I finally found some motivation and put it to good use and did some scrapping. I'd set a scrap page challenge on a group I belong to, two choices to do a scrap lift, or use the photo of superlambanana and come up with your own ideas.

I decided to go with the scraplift, plus a 2nd page. So here he is, Superlambanana... a hybrid of a lamb and a banana, supposedly a statement on genetic engineering.

I just used some yellow card for the background, then used my wavy tearing ruler as a template and cut (using a craft knife) round it, rather than tear as I wanted a clean edge. Then just added 3 flower shapes and 3 blue buttons.

Also popped over to Hobbycraft today, got a few bargains, they had some embellishment kits at just 4.99, choc full of flowers, brads, fancy brads, buttons and ribbons, picked up two of them, one a red and black theme and the other was pastels. Kept on mooching, came up with some lettering, far too fancy a font for the robo, so grabbed it, loads and loads of letters! Then realised it was the same stuff that had been shown on QVC a couple of weeks ago, but I still got a bargain. Was almost tempted by some gorgeous papers, one in particular that looked like it it had been die cut round the edges and had a dreamy type of design on it... took a lot to resist buying it.

Then came home, went to make myself a salad sandwich and to my disgust the bag of salad I'd bought only on Saturday was not fit to eat! Yet the bog standard lettuce from fruit and veg shop, bought last week, was fine. Settled down in armchair, switched on TV and Wimbledon... bliss... two whole weeks of tennis! Wall to wall, BBCi... brilliant.

Update on my mum - she is still in hospital. The problem is her wound, it won't heal, we have asked and asked for her to see a wound specialist... finally today the doctors caved in and agreed. Perhaps now we'll get somewhere. We're also now taking in food for her, the food served up by the hospital is fit for human consumption, or it would be if it were hot and had been properly seasoned. As it is, it is neither hot or has any seasoning! I did not think it possible to make a bland curry, but according to mum the hospital has managed it. I was alarmed by her loss of weight, so got myself a thermal bag from mothercare, brilliant thing, and it keeps the food hot for a good 2 hours. The real irony regarding the hospital food, is this: the hospital has an excellent restaurant, and I mean excellent, food there is delicious, tasty and hot.... so why can't they do the same for the patients? More food is chucked away than is eaten.

Time for a cuppa....

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Cazzy said...

Hi Cassidy, glad you managed some crafting of that weird creature!

NHS hospitals are the pits, if I have to go in I will die of starvation as I won't be able to eat the food! Will have to instruct hubby on the use of the rice cooker, what am I saying - no plans to be in hospital any time soon!
Hope you Mum gets sorted and better soon!