Friday, 20 June 2008

superlambanana crazy

The 'Pool has been invaded by a herd of superlambananas. So meet Sgt Pepper superlambanana! As part of our capital of culture, people were invited to design their own artwork for mini versions of superlambanana. The result has been 100 now dotted all over the city. Got to say many are very innovative.

I'm trying to find things to cheer me up, as there is pathetically little to be cheerful about. That is aside from the current credit crunch, and sky high fuel prices.... shame on the speculators, who have no morals or scruples... just a desire to get rich.

My mum is still in hospital... such is the workings of the NHS that it chooses to be passive rather than proactive. It is not her new hip, she is walking fine, it is just that the damn wound will not heal. Feel very sorry for the nurses, the ward mum is on is pathetically short staffed... hows about less highly paid NHS exec types! My gripe is with the doctors, who just plod along in their safe world, once they've settled on a treatment that is it, you try getting them to see the light, read up on the latest innovations! Stuff like that only happens on Holby City... as far as removed from reality as is possible for a medical show to be, well not counting Casualty. Sad, Casualty was once a hard hitting show. How the mighty fall.

High time I made meself a cuppa... and checked on the washing.

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Cazzy said...

Love Sgt Pepper! They are doing something like this in Bath but with pigs, not genetically modified lambs!