Sunday, 19 February 2012

An altered thingymebob

Everyone has been talking about altered books,  so thought I'd have a bash at it.  But not sure I've got the concept quite right!   Oh well,  I'm having fun anyway.   Just got a blank book from craft shop, Papermania,  and started to decorate it.  It will be a book about my journey over the last few years, which have been the most important in my life as so much has happened, changed and generally all for the good.   That means I will be challenged to interpret a few things that have happened,   so I'll have to be a bit inventive.  So here is the book at the start, all shiny and new,  untouched... and then...  I got my mits on it.

So out came the distress inks, stamps,  couple of sheets of die cuts from kanban,  oh and TH's sticky tape.

It was a bit difficult doing the blending,  cos the book pages/covers, are all a bit thick.  But managed to do it,  just stuck with the old paper and twigs distress ink pads,   used a mix of the twigs and black versamark to stamp the images,  it worked very well I got the effect I wanted.   I chose Big Ben and the old car because - I like them!   The compass does represent something:  which direction to go in? 

So flipped it over and started to cover the back.   Why 'Time'?  Because I felt time was running out for me,  how wrong I was,  the Owl is a bird I love, and I seem to have seen quite a few lately,  of course it also stands for wisdom and knowledge.  The circle with the text represents study/books.  Still think it needs a bit more on it,  maybe some small trees or something.   The time stamp,  is from the Portobello Road set I got a while back,  which is proving to be a very handy set of stamps,  very versatile.

So back and front completed just one more bit of the cover to complete

The spine,  with a very apt quote - "It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are not".   I realised, eventually, that the person holding me back was me, I couldn't blame anyone else.  I was putting things in my way, making excuses,  delaying things.   I devised a strategy for myself, to tackle things slowly,  and to break it all down so it wasn't so terrifying.  I also knew that I'd have to 'feel' right about doing things,  and sort out exactly what it was I wanted to do.   For the first half of my life I have done what others expected me to do,  now it is my turn,  I am doing what I want to do, and what feels right for me.   I never would have imagined I'd study reiki,  end up being a reiki practitioner,  or running a holistic stall/shop.    If anyone had told me that I'd have laughed at them.

But here I am,  actually practising reiki....  and about to start a whole new career in holistic retail and therapy. 

Back to the spine,  I do love TH's man with umbrella, it is such a quirky stamp, and so British,  which is surprising given that TH is American.   So you've had front and back, plus spine, so what is left... 1st page?

Here it is, thought this would be a good place to start, Untold Stories, as that is what it is.  Just wanted an odd juxtaposition,  so butterfly with cogs and fly wheel, plus clock!   Guess it all signifies something,  cogs cranking,  fly wheel flying around and butterfly meaning new beginnings.    Not sure why one cog has come out blue, as it is actually brown!   The light was starting to fade when I took the photo, I do prefer to use natural light.   But it works. 

This is a project that will take time, no point in rushing it,  I want it to represent the journey I have taken so far. 

It probably isn't altered art, or an altered book, not that I care.  To me crafting is about enjoying yourself, coming up with your own creations,  what makes you happy. 

Not a lot that took my fancy on CnC today, missed the encaustic art show yesterday, but met someone who has taken it up, her creations were amazing!    Think I will have to have a go. 

Well all for now folks...  hope you've had a good weekend.  Thanks for stopping by,  your company is much appreciated.

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