Tuesday, 14 February 2012

the romance day

You can't avoid it these days, no shop allows you to forget that it is Valentines!   Supermarket was full of roses,  all at inflated prices.  Spotted a few desperate men lurking round the flower section,  all looking overwhelmed,  too much choice?

Think I was still half asleep,  really didn't want to get out of bed this morning, it was far too cosy.   I had woken up at 3.a.m.,  but had a cuppa and then went back to sleep, had a very odd dream!   Woke again at 7 a.m.,  another cuppa and some toast, and back to the land of nod.   Eventually I dragged myself out of bed to face the world, another grey day,  a tad warmer,  but just as glum.  Off for supermarket shop,  managed to remember list, even better remembered to look at list in supermarket!   So came home with all we need.   Cleared up rest of chores and got stuck into some study,  the craft stuff was calling, but I had to ignore it and get on with my course work,  now just need to finish off essay.   I did have CnC on,  watching Leonie be Leonie,  she is as daft as a brush but very watchable.  I do like her ad hoc demos,  cos she usually forgets something, and I find that strangely comforting, cos that is what I do.

Needed to find my inserts to finish off a card, now I know that I have put them somewhere safe, but can I find them, can I heck!   So had to resort to a rub on to finish off card.  At least I managed to get the card in the post,  well two cards, though the other one was a 'bought' one,  sorry but I only make cards for people I care about, the rest get shop bought stuff.    One more card needs to wend its way to post box,  that will be tomorrow.   At least I managed to find my stamps! 

Also fighting with Firefox,  which I have largely enjoyed using, but this last update has been very, very, very trying!   I can't access Twitter,  firefox won't let me,  the last update is screwed and they are busy providing patches...  why not just get it right first time round?    Some pages won't display properly,  so I am really hacked off.  I have complained to them,  but it took an age to find out how to complain - note to firefox/mozilla, make it easier to say what is wrong.  Did try IE, but that is even slower than it was before... like watching paint dry waiting for pages to load.  Nowt wrong with the PC, I do have a fast connection,  it has been tested,  so it is down to the clowns on the internet who operate the various bits and bobs.

Well back to essay...    all for now,  thanks for stopping by

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