Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Brayering!   I'm determined to improve my technique,  so I've been practicing, partly inspired by watching Barbara Gray on Sunday,  not a bad way to start a Sunday morning.   I also bought another set of Clarity stamps, just couldn't resist the barge set,  and it is on its way to me  :-))  

Anyway I decided to try brayering without the craft mat,  and got a much smoother finish.  I'm also applying the brayer with a much lighter touch, and taking a lot of the ink off,  better to build up the colour than to try to lay it down all at once.  The results have been much better,  far happier with these efforts.  Also made use of my 'winter' trees and used BG's technique of blotting before stamping so as to get a softer effect, and to give some distance.   I do like TH's quirky stamp of the chap with the umbrella,  he can be put into so many situations, he'll probably turn up with the barge!   Got more ideas for the set of London stamps I got,   and building up a nice selection of TH distress ink pads as well. 

My other 'bargain' today was getting Norton Internet Security for £15,  whereas Norton wanted me to cough up over £50 to renew my subscription with them!  Stuff that.   I was going to go to PC World as they had it on offer, but had to do supermarket shop first and yes, Mr Tesco was even cheaper!   I have no objection to paying for internet security, but not at silly prices. 

Yesterday was also a successful day,  at last me and my friend Debbie got our business account set up.  It was all very painless, well we weren't signing up for a business loan,  we decided to self fund the business.  But we got free banking for 2 years,  all the usual cheque books/cards, and also we can get a card reader if we want.  They can also set up world pay for us on our website.   All this from RBS,  that much maligned bank,  we were very happy with the deal,  it beat everyone else,  including the Coop who wanted us to start off with a £1000 deposit, not sure why since we weren't borrowing any capital from them.  So after that we celebrated with a nice lunch at a nearby pub,  just a shame the weather didn't match our mood, it was a horrible grey and freezing cold day.   Of course I got stuck on the M6,   well had to crawl along,  the Matrix signs said 40 mph,  think we were averaging 20 mph!  And all because of an accident, and the police taken ages to clear up the mess.   No injuries, no damage to motorway - so why hold up traffic?  Cos they can call it a crime scene and do what they like.   They'd win more support if they just cleared the road asap.    Of course there were the usual idiots dodging from one lane to another etc,   you watch them and realise how the accidents happen, cos of idiots like them.   Motorway driving should be part of the learning process as well.  It was for me,  I trained as a driver in the army, once we'd passed our driving test we then had to pass other tests, the motorway being one such test. 

Fortunately the homeward bound journey was painless, no hold ups,  and no fog.  Was so happy with my little car yesterday, cos when I got in her she was frozen,  ice covering all the windows...  it didn't take long for her to get warm and to start to thaw out.   Don't like using de-icer,  rots the wiper blades,  no idea what it does to the environment.   There was also ice on the pavement!    So I got some rock salt from the supermarket,  can't afford to fall over again. 

All for now folks, thanks for keeping me company.

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