Thursday, 9 February 2012

More clarity stamping

I was hoping that my new set of Clarity stamps would come today and my wish was answered!    Good job as the weather was diabolical,  we had that icy rain, pavements were like skating rinks.   I could wait to start playing with them, but had to finish the housework first.

Then right after lunch it was me and the new stamps... bliss.  Didn't think it was a bad first effort, room for improvement, lots of it,  but very satisfying to do.  I really do like composing the pictures,  my old art skills are gradually coming back as well.    I may get the clarity paper as currently I'm using a super smooth and white card, which does work with the brayer,  and it takes the promarkers as well, doesn't soak up the ink.   It is a lovely set, the large barge, a smaller one, horse,  large rushes and smaller set,  heron,  and the duck!    I found that the mini set of TH stamps that I've got also work well with them,  just the right size. 

This was the second attempt, this time I used the smaller barge,  two TH stamps, the horse, smaller rushes, plus a tree from the other clarity set I got.   Much happier with this effort.  My brayering is getting smoother,  I make sure I have a pad of paper under the card,  so I get a smooth effect.  I'm also paying attention to the sky these days, noticing sunsets and how they look, where the colours are and how they blend together.   Again there is room for improvement,  but what is so nice is how relaxing it is.  I know some see it as a lot of faffing around,  masking things, using the brayer... but like anything, if it is worth doing then it is worth doing well.  We can all make quick cards, but let's face it, they don't give us a sense of satisfaction.  Those cards that take time,  and involve work are what we enjoy the most. 

The next few days are going to be fun, think this is going to be one well used stamp set!   And the weather is so grotty that outdoor activities are off limits for the time being!    Got my session tomorrow as a reiki therapist, last week I had 3 clients, but only 2 turned up, wonder if all 3 will turn up tomorrow? 

All for now folks, stay safe and warm.

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