Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Hint of Black

Not sure this should go anywhere than in the bin!  Not happy with it and not happy with the flower, which was supposed to be red and black.   So much for Chinese red embossing powder!     The flower will have to be redone,   it does look red in natural light, but hasn't photographed well. 

No Ottlite either!   Got an email today saying it has been despatched,  which means it will turn up on Tuesday,  and guess who will be in hospital the next day - yes me!  Typical,  could really do with the lamp now.

I had a play with stuff today,  did some more of the heat embossing, but this time I used the cosmic shimmer UTEE powder, which is very fine and so melted far quicker than the other stuff I'd been using, and it is a bigger pot.

This is the heat embossing effort,  I used one of my Christmas stamps.  The mojo is definitely a bit flat right now,   think the operation is on my mind though I'm trying not to think about it.  Yesterday I managed to miss off half of the supermarket shopping list,  so my head is definitely somewhere else.   Had quick trip to craft shop,  needed more UTEE, and then I spotted the dylusions, so thought I may as well add to my collection.   The shop is just full of the Christmas stuff,  so nothing very inspiring,  well not for me.    I had a quick look around the Christmas decs,  noticed there are a lot of owls,  some cute and some very odd!    I wanted an advent candle,  yes they had some but they were not very nice,   and just not big enough.  Advent candles need to be chunky and slow burning.  They are also hard to find. 

Enjoy the weekend, off to look for my mojo!


Elizabeth said...

I could be way behind on this but have you changed your header banner, Cassidy? I can't remember noticing those fab owls before - love them. I was lucky enough to see several owls - real live ones - of all shapes and sizes at my favourite garden/craft centre today and was even allowed to take a snap of the the biggest one who just loved the camera :) Your card is terrific - photographing cards in our poor British light can be very testing - the Ottlite does make a difference though - even your red will look much truer to colour under that. Love what you are doing with the UTEE too. Elizabeth xx

Elizabeth said...

Oops! Meant to say, you will probably receive your light before the date you've been given - even mine was delivered sooner and that despite living in Royal Mail's last outpost!!!

Dawn said...

Awe bless you, hope you find it soon sweetie. Lol, I can sympathise as am struggling to find mine to finish my AB off before the course finishes.
All the best for your hospital visit next week my lovely, will be thinking of you.
Huge hugs x x x x