Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The tired crafter

Yep that's me, the tired crafter!   Keep trying to work up some get up and go, but by the time I do it has got up and gone. 

Yesterday I had the clips removed from the wound...  verrrrrrrrrrrry painful.  But it felt so much better once they were all out.   I can move the knee a little bit better.  Got some rehab done today,  two ten minute sessions on bike,  and some walking - around the flat. The bike is the best as it works all the muscles at once.  Hope to have a short walk outside tomorrow,  now that the weather has improved.

As you can see I've been crafting,  the creative juices are pretty diluted at the moment, but I think if I keep plugging away then eventually they'll start to flow again.    I chose the quote first as I liked it, then had to find something to go with it.  So out came the Clarity Stamps, such a joy to work with, every image is clear and precise, the stamping blocks are also lovely to use.  Went with autumnal colours,  a spot of stamping, inking and embossing.  Plus ribbons and buttons,  not a bad effort,  it still needs a proper background I think.

Here is the finished piece.  It will do for my art/craft journal that I've been compiling.  Just nice to get stuck into something.  I'm now working on a piece for another challenge,  chosen all my pics, printed them, now need to put it all together.  Also been shopping,  well online!   Needed a nice Joy to the World stamp,  and good old Indigo Blu came to the rescue,  found myself at the Craft Barn, so popped a few other bits in the basket. 

Had a lovely surprise yesterday, a get well gift from a friend in the form of half a case of wine!  Sadly I've gone off wine since the op,  not a bad thing I guess, though my maximum was two glasses,  with water usually.    But it will come in handy for Christmas as it is a very good selection, she knows me so well. 

Really really happy with my Ottlite,  last few days it has been so grey that I wouldn't have got much crafting done without it.   The forecast is now for a spell of cold but dry weather, suits me fine.   Don't mind the cold stuff,  no snow please, that I couldn't cope with, not while I need two crutches! 

Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comments, all are appreciated.  I will eventually get round to blog hopping at some point.


Julia S-W said...

Tired or not, this was so worth the effort! I really love all the layers and I don't usually like those fairy (Lavinia?) stamps but it looks just perfect here and even I could be persuaded by this!! Great, great work Cassidy.

BJ said...

Sorry to hear about the pain but hopefully your knee will start getting much easier with all the therapy. Love the art piece, I'd say your crafting hasn't been affected at all but I guess it probably took more out of you than usual. Get better soon - HUGS - BJ