Thursday, 8 November 2012

Midweek Crafting

Having a frustrating time at the moment,  my mojo seems to be taking a break,  and it is too dark to craft!  We've had a lot of grey, dank weather,  so by 3pm the light is going.    I'd spotted on CnC that they had the Ottlites on flexi pay, even the cheaper ones,  that was on Tuesday but I'd not bothered to buy one,  yesterday I looked to see if they still had the offer on and they did, so one Ottlite is winging its way to me.

It was the same today,   got going crafting around 1pm,  but by the time I'd made my background, cut some shapes the light was starting to go again.  Grrrr...

Also had some car problems!  I bought a newish car in the vain hope of avoiding such problems.   On Tuesday the car wouldn't start.... :-( 

So rang garage, they said they'd get to me asap. They arrived with the jump start kit,  but car failed to start... had visions of a huge bill looming.  Then mechanic said he thought he knew what it,  said he'd be back after lunch.  And he was, with an old part they'd removed,  they'd fixed it and put it back on car,  bingo, car started - seems the new part is faulty, so mechanic went off to have argument with Nissan dealer.

In the meantime I crafted the above piece,  it's for a challenge, but now can't remember which one!   Will have to check.   I used some bits from a potato bag would you believe?   The red piece of paper was off the top of the spud bag.

Also had another go at the deep embossing,   I saved some tin cake containers, the small ones,  and used an oven glove to hold it!     This time I heated it for a little longer, and made sure it was molten when it was on the craft mat,  this time the powders were properly absorbed.  I got a much better impression this time. 

Hope my ottlite arrives soon,  getting fed up of not being able to craft.


Julia S-W said...

Yoo hoo! I'm back again! Love this card Cass. The flower is gorgeous with the flourish as a stem! Love all the script stamping in the background too.
Sorry about your car. I just hate it if anything goes wrong with the car - don't think they take women seriously to be honest. Sounds as if your mechanic was determined to get the car going though.
The deep embossing looks really interesting - think I read something else you wrote about this. What are you going to do with it? I'm thinking about you for the 14th. Have a great weekend and I'll try to keep up with you now. Don't worry about the mojo - it comes back as I find out very often!

Mynnette said...

Such a fabulous card!!! I just love the colors you've used! Thanks for joining us at MMM! :)

Fliss said...

A beautiful card Cass. Love the flower with the flourish stem and the background is lovely.
Thanks for sharing this with us at MMM this week.
Sorry to hear about your car too.
Fliss x

Suzi B said...

Hi Cass, thank you for joining us MMM with this delightful card
Suzi B :)

Jacqueline said...

A great card and perfect for our challenge this week at MMM - thanks for joining in - Jacqueline xx

Cazro said...

A pretty card, love the textures. Thanks for sharing with us at MMM. Caz