Sunday, 15 September 2013


The weather is officially yuck!    Yesterday it was lovely,  once the rain moved away we had sunshine and it felt quite warm. Today has been a washout, a windy washout.

The crafting today was also a washout.  I just couldn't get going.  That seems to have been the story of the week, not even the delivery of my new stash could motivate me.  I did work on the two tiles I'd ordered and forgotten!   After a coat of gesso, I used one of my new masks, Tando mask,  to give the warped honeycomb, then added the sentiment.  It will eventually become a bookend, and when you see the other it may make more sense...

Here's the second one, a repeat of the first but with a different sentiment. So they are going to be bookends,  I chose the quotes because when we read we go on a Journey,  and at the same time are asked to 'believe' in what we are being told.   Well I thought it was clever! 

I had some plain plastic bookends,  and these will be stuck on, after I've tarted up the bookends a bit more.  I did one yesterday, then looked at it today and hated it.  I like the tiles, they're fine.     But when I tried heat embossing today it just kept on going wrong, obviously my heart wasn't in it.  So I began to make a tag,  a large one, I've abandoned making the small ones.   I've just been painting a few embellishments to go on it.

This is NOT the tag I just mentioned, this was me messing.  The leaves are from one of my new masks,  I just dabbed some versarmark through it, then added the dragon flies.  Underneath the embossing is the tangled mask,  love it, it just looks like a tangled piece of string.  It had been a piece of A5,  then I cut it down.  I added the compass for interest.  Not sure what will happen to it next.  

My cousin called in on Friday, so I had a lovely natter to her.   It was nice for the day to end on a happier note as the morning hadn't been good.   I seemed to have been gripped by anxiety all morning, only just managed to make it to the supermarket, but that just made things worse.   I finally managed to calm down just after lunch.  This depression lark is no fun,  you think you are on top of it and wham, it comes back.   The miserable weather hasn't helped,  nor my sore back, both had kept me in during the early part of the week.   I at least managed to make a hair appointment,  and ended up having a really nice chat with my hairdresser.   Just to say we now have a hail storm! 

I'm also a bit annoyed with a friend. She skypes me a couple of times a week,  which is fine, and we have a really good old natter, and indugle in daftness.   Or we used to.  Now she had bought herself a laptop and thinks it okay to skype me whilst she is watching TV with her mum.   So I find myself competing with her TV, and also her mum!   I just think it is plain rude, last night was the final straw, not only was she watching the X factor, but her mum and aunty were sitting close by and chatting away.   I know I've got to say something, but I don't want to appear rude, yet I feel she is being very rude. 

I've ordered a couple of books from Amazon, one was mentioned on an Agony Aunt page.  The Agony Aunt was replying to a lady who was finding it difficult to get over the death of her grandfather.  The reply was full of good advice,  I feel like handing it to my counsellor.  Anyway I read a few reviews about the books and they were very complimentary.

Ah, hailstorm is over!   Wondering what the heavens will chuck down next?   I do love our weather, it is never boring. 

Have a lovely crafty week. 

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