Sunday, 8 September 2013

Septembers shivers

On Wednesday I had on a T shirt, linen trousers and a pair of flip flops, today I am freezing!   I hope summer comes back to give us one last glorious week.

Well this weeks crafting hasn't gone well,  I've not felt much like sitting at my craft desk.  I did manage to make a tag, which I can't put on here yet as it is for a swap.   I even paid a visit to the craft shop in the hope of finding inspiration.  I did get some lovely papers and some Crafty Individual stamps, that are minatures of their dies.  I used the dragon flies on this little creation, along with the new paper.

I also got the gelli plate out.  I used some iridescent acrylic paint and a mask.  I'd been watching Barbara Gray on CnC the week before,  so I've got the amount of paint down to a T, but I had also noticed the gelli plate felt dry.  So thank you Barbara for your tip to use some baby oil on the gelli plate, it worked a treat.    I decided to have a spending spree and so visited the craft barn to get some more masks,  the local craft shop hasn't got a great selection.  So can't wait for them to arrive and  whatever else I ordered.

This is the set of stamps I got, all small, but a lovely set.  I've fallen in love with the dragon flies.  I've got four of the dies that match these stamps, would so love the bird cage,  and then I saw some lovely Marianne dies on CnC,  but since I'd spent some pennies at the craft barn I had to give them a miss.

I had a nice day yesterday.  I met up with a friend for a coffee, and we popped into an MBS fair.  I then caught up with two more friends who I haven't seen for a while.  And I allowed myself another two treats,  one of which is a gorgeous Jade cross,  I spotted it and just couldn't resist.  It had a lot of other jade beads,  but it was too tight, so the rest of the beads will go into a bracelet,  I put the cross onto a piece of leather.  My other treat was a banner,  which has a quote on it, one of those Buddha quotes.   For the moment it is hanging on the door, but when I get round to decorating the hall I'll hang it on the wall.

I was going to watch the Last Night of the Proms,  it was something that mum never missed.  She loved classical music.  I'd often find her conducting the orchestra during the Proms season!   But it was too much so I watched a film on 9/11,  which made me feel just as sad.   I also had a few 'bumps' in the night.  The first was happened at around 3 a.m. on Friday,  I was just getting back to sleep when there was an almighty bang,  nervously I went to investigate, the flat was locked up and everything seemed normal, till I looked down the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs by the front door there are two cupboards for the electricity and gas meter,  they are also handy for storing stuff. One has paint tins, and it seems two decided to fall down.  I put them back the next day, made sure they were alright and in the middle of the afternoon another terrific bang,  yep, the paint tins had fallen out again!   I took the hint and got rid of all the old paint,  fingers crossed that it doesn't happen again.

Not sure what will take my crafty fancy this week, I like the look of the ABAC challenge,   that seems to have tickled a few creative juices. 

All for now, many thanks for stopping by, have a lovely week.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cass, the weather has taken a turn for the worse here too, sigh, I was rather hoping the summer would last forever. Your card is lovely - I like the stamping and dragonflies are a favourite with me too. If it wasn't so scary the story of the paint pots would be funny - wonder what made them decide to fall down? Like you, I'm having fun with the Gelli plate - always thinking of ideas for the next time I have it out to play. Must get some baby oil - that's a great tip. Take care, Elizabeth xx