Monday, 23 September 2013

Erratic mojo

One day I seem to have some creative juices, the next day the well is empty.  Today it was half full.   So with no mojo I tidied my craft desk,  cleaned the mat, changed the blade in my craft knife, tossed all the sundry stamps into a box.

Then I felt like doing something, so decided to play with one of my new masks, the bamboo mask.  I first embossed some card with it, then reapplied the mask and did some inking.  After that I put the swirly leaf mask on top and inked it.

Then I turned my attention to one of the jigsaws I'd picked up.  I saw them in Dunhelm Mill,  there are 6 in a pack,  just 2.99.  Just the thing for us crafters.  I did some silhouette stamping with the Birdhouse Clarity stamp set.  For the sky I just made do with some sponging.  I'm quite pleased with this.  I'm going to try it with the gelli plate.

And that was it, the mojo had gone!   I had gone to Dunhelm Mill not for craft stuff but for curtains.  I felt like a change in the living room,  and wanted something warm in colour.  I'd have liked some patterned curtains in autumnal colours, but couldn't find any I liked, so settled for a nice warm red.   What I hadn't realised was that I'd picked up the wrong size and I didn't find out until I was back home!  So that meant a return trip the next day.   I had been trying to get stuff done, the shopping, curtains and prescription...  everything else went like clockwork and then I go to the chemist.  I arrived at 11.45, there were already 6 people waiting, this was not a good sign, but usually they are quite efficient, so I decided to wait.  So I waited, and waited, and waited.  one chap told me he'd been waiting 45 minutes!   Everyone was getting annoyed and the pharmacist seemed to be taking an age to do each prescription.  The staff were also getting annoyed with him, the final straw was when he had printed out the wrong labels for one large prescription!   I heard the senior assistant telling him to get a move on before there was a riot.  Another 4 people joined the queue,  the chap who had already waited 45 minutes was finally given  his prescription after 1 whole hour!   All I wanted was an 'owed' item, which I felt should have already been ready for me to pick up, but it wasn't.   I had a 45 minute wait, 3 people gave up.

I also treated myself to a new shirt,  well why should the house get all the treats?    My book also arrived, oh sorry, did I mention I'd ordered a book?   It was recommended on an agony aunt page, it was in response to a letter about grief, the agony aunt suggested that the young woman read a book called Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom.  Since I'm going through the same difficult process I thought I'd get the book.  I'm so glad I did as it is one of the most profound and inspiring books I've read in a very long time.   It is the story of a former college student who learns that his old professor is now dying, so he goes back to see him,  .   It is not a schmalzy book,  it is very straightforward, Morrie, the professor,  simply puts forward his take on life's many mysteries.   I think this is a book everyone should read.

Well that's it for now, hopefully the mojo will find its way back to me at some point.  Have a lovely week.

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