Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Red mist descending!

Today I finally heard from the DWP regarding my medical for my PIP claim, it is on the 1st October!  That will mean it will have taken them 6 months to complete my claim, how ridiculous is that?   On the DWP site it says it should take no more than 3 months...   Well it took over a month for the form to arrive,  I was asked to send it back in good time, which I did, that was in July. So why does it then take ATOS over two and a half months to arrange a medical.  Moreover why is it in Ormskirk?   To say I am fuming would be an understatement.  I fired off an email to Duncan Smith,  and added that I am already being treated for depression and anxiety,  and asking how all this added stress has added to my condition.   They didn't even need to dump DLA,  it just needed to be tightened up, and ATOS replaced.    I would however like to say something about the DWP staff, at least those that I have encountered, all have been extremely polite and very helpful,  a pity they are being managed by a useless minister.

Moan over.  No crafting, well can you blame me?   I did start something yesterday,  but then I got the email from the Craft Barn saying my order was on its way, so crafting is on hold as I need a few bits from the order to complete the project.   Instead today was a boring day, laundry and housework,  the latter involves a few flicks of a duster.    I also tidied up the craft space,   well it had reached the point where I could no longer see my craft mat! 

And the photo?   A case of 'only in America'.  I took this in Santa Monica, me and my two friends were just walking down this street and we spotted the 'chicken' car,  it made us all giggle.

Now to enjoy a much needed glass of Black Stump.

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Cazzy said...

Beaucracy! As for the chicken car, maybe we should have more things like that over here (on the other hand maybe not lol).

Cazzy x