Saturday, 5 October 2013


It seems a while since I posted.  It was all the fault of my mojo which decided to take a holiday.  I  struggled with the crafting this week,  nothing seemed to be working so I took a break.  On Thursday I picked up a copy of Craft Stamper in the hope I would get some inspiration, and guess what - I did!  Flicking through the magazine I noticed the shadow box and thought I'd try to make one.

I did, by chance, have a suitable deep frame.  I used some decopatch to cover it,  I wanted an uneven surface so I crunched up the decopatch paper.  Once it was dry I painted it black, then left it overnight to dry thoroughly. 

While the frame was drying, I began to gather some bits and bobs.  I went with the lavender/purple colour, and then chose some suitable stamps and dies.

No it isn't finished,  I'm still putting it together.  I just wanted to see what worked best for the layout.  There are lots of flowers to go on, and numerous other pieces.  It took me most of the afternoon to make all the pieces, but I really enjoyed it.   I had a good rummage through my stash and found some card that I had completely forgotten about.  I bought it years ago from QVC.  And I found a paper pack,  from Papermania,  the capsule collection, again a purchase from way back.  I also located some foam to lift up the pieces to give it depth.    So still some way to go before the project is finished, then I can see me wanting to make more shadow boxes!

It has also been a stressful week.  I had my medical on Tuesday.  The appointment time was 9 a.m.,  I thought I'd be okay since I had decided to take the motorway rather than chance the awful one way system in Ormskirk.  Well I hit gridlock when I came off the motorway.   The reason was simple, the stupid traffic light layout for the university campus!  One tiny filter lane, and one long traffic queue to use it.   So I made my appointment with five minutes to spare,  and I'd allowed a hole hour to travel 20 miles!    I think the medical went okay, still not heard anything, but that doesn't surprise me as there is a huge backlog - they told me this at the medical.  Well this is what happens when you introduce a new system, but run it along side an old system.   So that was Tuesday,  Wednesday was wet,  Thursday I had my counselling, then on Friday it was time to stress out over the car's MOT.  It did need two new tyres, so I got those on Thursday, then kept fingers and toes crossed on Friday.  But it passed with flying colours!   Phew. 

I was amused that my attempts to make appointments, with the Art Therapy group and Dentist were thwarted by technology.  At the Dentist they had no IT system, it had just crashed,  when I tried to contact the Art Therapy people their phones were still down.  I overcame the latter by sending an email, so I have managed to arrangement a taster and assessment for the 16th,  but not yet made the dental appointment.

I may be back tomorrow with the finished shadow box.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 

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