Sunday, 27 July 2014

Too blooming hot!

I was melting all last week,  temp was up at 28C, way too hot for me and for Harvey.  I had to dig out the large fan,  Harvey parked himself in front of it!    I'm so glad it is cooled down,  today is much better,  no need for the fan, and I managed to work my way through the mountain of ironing that had accumulated. 

I also felt like a change,  so while I was in Hobbycraft yesterday I picked up a cheap starter set of watercolours.   I've never dared attempt to do any watercolouring, for some reason it has always scared me.   Anyway I thought I'd give them a go.   Looked on Youtube for some tutorials, found a nice chap - Matt Palmer had uploaded a few videos.   I followed one,  see the pic,  just too see if me and the watercolours could get along. 

This was the set I bought.   I wasn't sure how much paint to mix, and of course didn't have the colours he advocated.  So it was a bit hit and miss, I mixed the black with some white to get grey,  judging the water was also tricky.  But this was just a test piece,   not a work of art.   I found the brush work easy, in fact better than with acrylics or oils,  I was having more success with my brush work and shading.   I do love the delicacy of watercolours,  but always feared that it would be hard to control the paint, in fact I found it was much easier to get depth and shade.

So buoyed up by the mini success I followed another of Matt's tutorials, a bit more ambitious, probably too ambitious but it didn't matter as I wasn't after perfection,  just wanted more practice.

I kind of followed his tutorial, but also made it up as I went along.  I was astonished by the result I got,  that it looked as I intended it to look, that the shading was easier, as was the blending.  I enjoyed myself, and it was almost like an instant result!  The acrylics take time, or I need to take time with them,  I like using them, but think I will focus on watercolour for a while.  in fact I was so taken with it that I've ordered a better set of paints, but from Amazon, half the price of Hobbycraft.   Just can't believe I avoided this medium for so long.

This week hasn't been a good week because of the heat, I also was overcome by crippling sadness on Tuesday. I had gone for a beach combing walk with a friend,  after our coffee I just had to go home, luckily my friend was very understanding.   The heat hasn't helped,  once it gets beyong 22C I am no good,  the least effort sees me breaking out like a leaky shower.   Trying to get some sleep was a nightmare,  I was shattered, so much so that I didn't feel like talking at my counselling session.   Harvey didn't improve my bad mood by waking me up at some unGodly hour because he wanted to play!   It was also too hot to contemplate going to the follow on to the art therapy,  the room they use is like an oven and there was no way I was going to suffer for two hours.  I also gave up on seeing the Giants,  too hot and too many people.   I can't believe no-one thought to stream it live on the internet!  My back has also been too sore, I must have twisted awkwardly at some point as it has been really painful, I'm down to a slow hobble, and need to use the grabber for anything that is on the floor. 

My new paints should be with me on Wednesday, in the meantime I'll carry on using the beginners set to practise with.   I have a photo walk coming up this week,  next week it is a reading group,  last week of August I'll be making a sculpture to go on a bike.   And I need to find some watercolour classes. 

Have a lovely week, thanks for stopping by.

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