Sunday, 20 July 2014

Up, up and away

The last couple of weeks have been tough.  I had a really heavy counselling session which knocked me back for a week or so.   And the heat of the last few days has been too much for me,  wanted to get into an ice bath and stay there!

I wanted to get away from seascapes,  and after looking at some photos of hot air balloons decided to have a go.  The first attempt was dire!   Made a complete mess of the balloons,  so painted them out and started again.  Much happier with these,  just working on the greenery at the moment, and will put in some more mountains, but very, very pale.

Art course is going well, my painting is nearly finished, Andy took a look at it and suggested a few things so I'm working on those at the moment.

Back to my mood, of course things never stay the same, and I began to get back on track, met a friend and we spent the day at the Walker Art Gallery,  saw the Perry Grayson exhibition, had lunch and enjoyed the glorious weather (pre heatwave).    Next my cousin came for a visit and we went for lunch, always good to talk to her, she has been really supported me.   Finally a friend came to stay for a few days,   bad timing on my part as the golf was on TV (The Open), and I love golf!   The weather played a part in me being able to watch it as we were too bushed to do much else than stay indoors out of the heat.  We did enjoy a delicious meal last night,  two fabulous steaks,  they melted in your mouth and we got 25% off as I checked the pub's website and they had a voucher!   That's why we had the steaks.   It also cooled down last night,  so we were both able to sleep.  Harvey's not enjoyed the humid weather,  it upset his tummy,  and left him miserable.   Then horror of horrors, Tesco didn't have his favourite food!   He's fussy in that he likes five types of fish, cod, tuna, salmon, plaice and sardine,  Felix do a box with the cod, salmon, plaice and Tuna, but they had none left, meaning it is obvioulsy popular - so why don't they stock more of it!    I got some today from Sainsburys, bought two boxes,  can't run out again.

My time on the art therapy programme also came to an end :-(    Fortunately it wasn't just me leaving, two others were as well,  and the programme also breaks up for the summer (to accommodate holidays) so that made it more bearable, knowing that there wouldn't be a session this coming week and I wouldn't be there.  Got lots to occupy me, signed up to take part in a art sculpture project,  and some outings with the group, now I need to find a painting course so I can continue to improve.

Harvey's much happier today, it has cooled down,  he has his favourite food, so his tum is full, he's just done a happy cat dance down the hall.    And I've got two lunch dates this week, and have to arrange a coffee with a friend, big difference from last year.

All for now,  thanks for stopping by.

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