Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Snow in July!

I'm still dabbling with the watercolours.   I picked up a book - beginners guide,  from Hobbycraft.   I'm still waiting for my paints, they were dispatched on Monday...    was hoping they'd be here today.   I'm using a pan set at the moment, which isn't ideal for the landscapes etc.   I did quite a lot of sketching yesterday,  and became reaquainted with perspective,  light and shade,  how to draw figures.   It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon,  and none of the practice pieces were intimidating. 

Today I moved on to the painting excercises.   The first was this snowy tree.   I used the masking fluid to protect the snowy mound, and some of the branches.    I used four colours, grey, blue, brown and yellow ochre.   

I really have fallen in love with this medium.  I'm finding it easier to get results, and also to produce a painting I am happy with and one that looks like I want it to look!  

Not so hot physically,  my back is really giving me problems.   I had to pull out of the photo walk today.   At least that awful heat has gone,   it was lovely yesterday, a bit cloudy,  but the right temperature for me.  Harvey is also much happier,  he was really suffering with his fur coat.  Though he's being a bit of a pain about his food, liking something one day and then not the next, so I mixed in his treats with his food,  he had no choice then!   He's clever,   if I toss a treat to him he'll catch it in his paws,  he'd make a good goalie. 

More painting tomorrow,  fingers crossed the paints come! 

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