Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Brush strokes...

Well I've been at the paints.   Almost finished my art course piece, which is this one.  Yes the Iron man is looking a bit odd, but I've started to correct him,   and I've also added a boat,  there will be two more added.   I'm happy with some stuff, and not with other bits,  but I do feel that I am making progress.   Probably need to get away from seascapes!     Just the finishing touches, as in paint in the boats, sails,  and add a bit more 'rust' to the iron man. 

Second Iron man,  worked hard on the 'puddling',  it may need a little bit more.   But I am happy with this.  The sky wasn't easy,  need to be less impatient.   I put this to one side for a few days and then came back to it,  then I thought about how the sand looks when the tide has gone out, when you get that rippling effect?    I used the finest brush I had,  and kept it loose,  and made sure the paint was a nice creamy texture. 

I'm also reworking the first seascape,  wasn't happy with the shore line, it was a bit messy.   I watched a few more videos on YouTube, plus I downloaded an art book onto my kindle,   it's been a great help, and useful being on the kindle as I can just go straight to the page.   Back to the painting, it is almost finished,  just need to do a bit more work on the boat and it will be done.  Oddly enough I think the first is the best.     I do want to paint more scenes,  got a few photos that I can use,  if I can remember which CD they're on! 

A good/bad week mood wise,  this new counselling is tough,  but I like the counsellor, she makes a lot of sense.    The new cat, Harvey is now part of the furniture,  he's finally stopped following me around the flat,  and is settling nicely into a routine,  still got a few issues.  His former owners obviously didn't mind him jumping on the work surfaces or the table, well I do,   so I've been firm with him,  and he's starting to get the message.    I bought him a fleecy blanket to lie on,  spoilt, perhaps but also it saves my sofa from being covered in fur!  

Discovered my car had a flat tyre today!    Must have a slow puncture, but because it was on the passenger side I'd not noticed it.  Luckily I was at the supermarket, so drove to the garage bit and put some air in it.  I'll get it fixed tomorrow.   And believe it or not I left my crutch behind at the supermarket,  I always put it in the trolley,  when I came back to the car and saw the flat tyre I got distracted and forgot all about the crutch!    How did I manage when I got home, simples,  I have a spare crutch.  So that's my morning tomorrow,  get puncture fixed and go back for crutch...   It's also Harvey's birthday,  he'll be 6!  Well in human years,  a little bit older in cat terms.    Last night he got brave and ventured beyond the garden gate,  he and a neighbour's cat had a stand off,   I rescued Harvey in the end. 

Will try to blog before the of the week. 

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