Sunday, 17 August 2014

Being orignal!

Yesterday when I posted the picture of The Windmill on a FB group, someone asked me when I was going to produce something original.  I wasn't sure what to make of the comment,  at the moment I am on a huge learnign curve and feel the need to follow tutorials, and complete various exercises, simply because I want to get to know all about watercolours.   I don't follow the tutorials slavishly,  often I don't have the colours they are using so have to mix my own,  or I just want to follow the composition.  

Anyway today I thought I would have a bash at something original.  I decided to use one of my Ireland photos, sadly the printer is out of ink!   So plan B,  use a photo from a magazine, kind of...!  Let's just say the top half of this painting follows the photo, the bottom half doesn't.  My field of corn went wrong, so I turned into a cliff and a beach scene,  then cos it needed something to add interest I painted in the standing stones.  The colours are bright, again that is deliberate,  in one tutorial the chap went for bright colours and I wanted to do the same.   The sea came out well, more successful than with the acrylics,  I was able to get the translucence as sea meets shore line.   Put the boats in so the beach wouldn't be empty.   All in all a  happy afternoon's painting, and great success for GB at European athletics, 3 golds!   Just shows what application can achieve, our footballers should take note.

All for me for now...   hope you all have a good week,  thanks for stopping by.

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