Saturday, 30 August 2014

Saturday musings

Here's today's painting - she says making it sound like she blogs every day.  I have done other paintings this week but they were experiments, which er, didn't go to plan.  I was trying loose watercolour,  it sounds easy but is very difficult,  it means you need to simplify the picture - not sure I'm anywhere near that stage yet, so I'll put it on the back burner for a while. 

Back to the painting.  I had a dream last night that I'd paint Stonehenge.  Been thinking about it but hadn't found a nice enough photo. 

I knew how I wanted to paint it, with an extreme sky, tossed up whether to put a sun in the picture, and didn't,  but now I think I should.   I will revisit this again,  I was lucky enough to go to Stonehenge in 1976.   Back then it wasn't fenced off so you could just walk around,  it really was a magical place.   Sadly I had no camera,  it had been a spur of the moment visit, made more special because I was my then partner.  

So to Harvey, this is how he starts his day, with his newspaper workout!   I put two pages down,  and he goes nuts,  add a bit of string or ribbon and you have one happy cat.   He'd pretty much destroyed the paper by this stage.   He was celebrating having a full tummy,  it was his own fault, he turned his nose up at the tuna.   So at breakfast he had a sachet of beef,  Felix no less,   he wolfed the whole lot!   He had some fresh chicken later,  I was making a curry for my dinner,  so greedy guts Harvey was hanging round for any scraps. 

Got a ton of ironing to wade through tomorrow,  not my favourite thing.   Never mind, someone has suggested that I do the watecolour on a canvas...   mmm,  maybe,  got the urge to paint the Chalice Well.

All for now,  might be back tomorrow - have a good week.

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BJ said...

Adore your stonehenge painting. BJ