Saturday, 16 August 2014

Practice makes perfect - I hope!

 I've had my nose at the easel all week.  I've been doing some of the exercises in the book, colour wheels, washes, stuff like that.   I also watched a few videos on watercolours.    But today I decided it was time to do a painting.  In last month's edition of Liesure Painter they printed a photo of a mill,  it was supposed to be a 30 minute study!   I decided against even trying to complete it in 30 minutes.  I chose one element of the photo - the windmill and had a go, all by myself.   This was also a 5 x 7 painting,  I chose that size as I had found a small frame going spare. 
Well I thought my effort was okay, but not quite 'there',   choosing such a small size limited me,  I also should have perhaps made the windmill smaller.  But nevertheless I'd had a go.  Then today I picked up the September issue of Liesure Painter, this time they had a tutorial on the photo, so I decided to follow it.
I prefer this to my first effort.  It has two features, the tree and the windmill.   My sketching is improving all the time,  and I'm chuffed about that.  I know I'd benefit from some classes,  it would be good to get some proper instruction.  

Today I added to my art stash, one brush, size 10, and one tube of paint, sepia, and the real treat was buying a cotton watercolour pad.  I found it made all the difference,  I could put in clouds as it wasn't drying as fast as the paper, and I was getting a more even finish.   The other pads will be good for quick studies and practice,  which I need to do!  

Good and bad week mood wise, very down at the start of the week.   It would have been my dad's birthday last Tuesday, he would have been 89.  So I was feeling very down,  I attended a reading workshop,  run by creative alternatives,  there was one man there, apparently he didn't often attend workshops but he had decided to give the reading group a go.  Well I got surprise when he spoke, he was Irish, and to hear that lovely lilt reminded me of my dad.  Later, after the workshop I popped to Smiths to see if my magazine was in,  as I came back to get the park and ride bus I passed a busker and he was playing: Danny Boy.  Thursday I had my last therapy session,  not sure yet if anything has changed,  the counsellor showed me my mood chart which was very up and down. 

Now for a Harvey report!  He was a bad boy this week,  he jumped up on the worktop and stole some chicken.  He got a good telling off.   He must have been allowed on worktops and tables at his first home,  I do not understand people allowing their animals to walk all over worktops.  His second 'sin' was to claw at the furniture.  

In the early hours of Thursday morning he tried to wake me up by being cute.  He was rolling over to have his tum tickled,  but he rolled a bit too far and fell off the bed!  The expression on his face was priceless. 

He is now fast asleep, getting ready for his night time stroll - though he'll only go if it isn't raining. 

I have another painting planned for tomorrow.   All for now, thanks for stopping by...

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