Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Patience - a virtue I need to practice.

If you don't succeed at first, try, try and try again, then try one more time!    This was the case with this painting,  just couldn't get it right, either I made a mess of the sketch, or the sky or the shading.  It was driving me nuts, but I was determined to get it right.   And today was the day, suprising really as I had a frustrating morning.  First was discovering the road works on our main road, so there was chaos at the lights, not finding a parking space near the shop... brief respite from frustration as I put my natural satnav to good use and took a short cut to circumvent the horrendous queue,  then damn and blast supermarket didn't have Harvey's food!   So had to go to the pet shop,  so I also picked up another watercolour pad for a £5 - love sales!  

So after all that frustration, heavy and slow traffic I wasn't sure I had the patience to do this.  But it came from somewhere.  I realised were I was going wrong with the sketch,  and also the sky - I'd been trying to follow the artist's way of doing it,  when really I should have stuck with my way.  I still have to remind myself that I'm using watercolour and that the paper has to be wet.    Finally I was happy with my sketch,  mixed the paints and laid down my sky, the way I usually do it,  much happier.  Next the distant trees and bushes,  for these I used a sponge, just some light dabbing, then I added more paynes grey to create some definition.   I had remembered the masking fluid on the roof of the house,   I took my time with the shading around the house, using a very, very fine brush.  Next came the bit that had always gone wrong, the edging round the lake.  I got a nice mix of grey/blue,  and just built it up, this time I 'thought' about the direction the brush needed to go in and very gradually I added each layer, blending it as I went.    It took two hours, but the time flew by,  I was all ready to start another, unfortunately Harvey reminded me, very loudly, that he was hungry!   I also realised that I was.  He had tuna, and I had a salmon fishcake, which he asked to share - yes he got  a bit. 

Now he's snoozing, getting ready for his nightly prowl.   I didn't want him to be a night owl,  but it is quiet and I understand why he prefers to have a wander in the wee small hours of the morning.  He's taken a fancy to my fleecy dressing gown, I'd thrown it over the bed as it was a bit chilly last night,  he purred like mad, did  his kneading thing, rubbed his head - talk about seventh heaven! 

I've lined up quite a challenge for myself tomorrow, a stormy seascape, which I tried yesterday and failed miserably, but only because I got too cocky.   I'm grounded again now,  today taught me a lot,  so hopefuly I will be showing off the seascape tomorrow. 

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