Monday, 6 October 2014

A rainy Monday

This is what I got up to at the weekend.   Like the cliffs,  grass, river, bridge, bushes - but not the trees!   I had painted this previously as a winter scene, 

I had a very early start today - 3 a.m.!   That was when Harvey decided to wake up and make his presence felt.  He turned his little nose up at his food,  wanted to go out, but since it was windy and teeming with rain he soon changed his mind,  but decided to annoy me.  Not amused.  In the end I took his food up from the floor,  and tucked myself into bed, ignored him, and somehow managed to get back to sleep.   When I did get up, at a more civilised hour, I put his food back down, he duly ate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did manage to tidy up the craft/art desk and area.  I've carefully stored the craft stuff, inks, stamp pads etc, and put all the paints out.   I can now find things!   Now working on a seascape,  and planning another painting.  

Hope the weather is better tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

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