Saturday, 4 October 2014

Brrr, it is a bit chilly

Just one painting today,  more exercises - it is the only way to learn.  This brought in the tree exercise and water,  but this time it had to be a waterfall.

The trees took an age, but it was worth all that dabbing.    I was also lifting out colour so as to form contours.  I left the waterfall bit to the end.  I used a rigger brush for the very fine lines, and a texture brush,  it has to have a lot of white as the water is falling, this is why I use a watery white acrylic.   At the very end I decided to add a figure,  I've not go much confidence in drawing, let alone painting figures,  just about managed to make a fairly good fist of the man, not so sure about the dog! 

I'm revisiting a few of the exercises, but this time round I'm doing my own thing, colours,  adding other things,  or changing the seasons.   I keep making some basic mistakes,  so they have to be ironed out. 

Harvey - is driving me bonkers!   The other night, early hours in fact,  4 a.m to be precise he woke up.  Normally he is happy to have a feed and then go for a wander outside.  Not this time, nope, he howled and howled,  he didn't like his food,  didn't want to go out, didn't want to be alone!   Think I dropped off back to sleep around 6 a.m.,  then he started again.  He wasn't in any pain,  he was hungry but that was his fault for turning his nose up at food he'd liked only the day before.   So I took the food dish away,  and ignored him.  At lunchtime he got fresh food, I put it down and left him to it,  he walked away, moaned and then realised that I wasn't going to budge, so he ate it all.  We've had quite a few clean dishes this week.  Now it's getting colder, well it is here, he's decided to cuddle up with me.

The weather has turned autumnal,  woke up to rain,  and a definite chill.   I've got out the winter curtains,  washed them and they're ready to be hung up.  I may as well put all the T shirts and summer stuff away now,  the duvet is on the bed,  and the clocks will go back soon.    Just no-one mention the C word!  

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, thanks for stopping by :-)

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