Saturday, 25 October 2014

The case of the wounded paw

Well it has been a dramatic week.  On Tuesday night Harvey was attacked by another cat.   I heard a commotion, and Harvey came flying back in,   with his fur on end.  He seemed okay so I assumed he'd had a fright.  The next morning it was obvious that something wasn't right,  he looked very sorry for himself and was limping.   I checked him over but couldn't find anything,  so I kept an eye on him.  He got worse so checked him over again, this time I found a bite wound,  so it was off to the Vet.   They found four wounds on him,   so he had been beaten up essentially.    He had a painkilling injection and some antibiotics, plus more to take in tablet form (oh joy!).   This was the patient that night,  taking it easy,  he wasn't in as much pain, but still in shock.  He's not been too bad at taking his tablets,   I've rewarded him with a treat each time so he will associate it with something nice.   He's on the mend, still has a limp, but only if he does too much jumping around.   Not letting him out at night,  there is obviously a neighbourhood thug, and of course the fireworks have started.   I found it very upsetting,   because he seemed to be so poorly.  

I didn't have much time to paint,  and was waiting for some new books to inspire me.  I've spent some time learning a few techniques, like how to apply a wash,  and blocking in the painting.   So I tried to apply what I'd learned in this painting.     My first task was to put in some clouds,  and I have to say I do like this sky!   Next up was to start applying washes to the mountains, hills and shore line,  then start to add detail.   I did cover up a mistake!   There was supposed to be a wave, but it went wrong,  so it got turned into rocks. 

There should be more pictures this week,   need a break from the exercises. 

Oh must also remember that the clocks go back...    enjoy the rest of the weekend :-)

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