Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Talking trees

I did some exercises on trees today.   I am okay on the body, branches, but less confident about the foliage.   I'd decided to buy some texture brushes, but knew I wasn't using them properly.  So back to my book! 

This is tree number one,  and looking at the photo I am quite chuffed!   I did as the book suggested, built up the tree slowly,  and remembering the light source!    I mixed the green, well some of it, I used Hookers green and added some yellow to it, used burnt umber for the trunk.

Tree number 2.  My excuse for this tree leaning is that trees don't grow straight!   In the book they called this a spring tree,  the idea was to form the trunk with the medium texture brush,  and a few 'branches,  then add the brown branches using a rigger brush.   It was a lot of work,  and it needed a thicker mix of paint,  I've realised that was were I was going wrong before, my mix was too watery.   The foliage was built up very slowly,  and I remembered which side the light was coming from.  These are only studies,  so I'm not that bothered about the wonkiness.  

Next excersise for me is figures,   really need to nail the skin tones, and shape.   Then the challenge will be - first to not get too stressed while my car is having its MOT, and to attempt to paint the Giant's causeway!   I may end up tearing my hair out. 

A slow day,  I'm seriously lacking motivation,  takes me ages to get going in the morning.   Harvey now realises that I need my two cups of tea before he'll get his play time.   He loves diving into newspaper,  so I put two pages down, then drag the ribbon, and he's off, diving around, attacking the paper, pretty soon the living room is awash with bits of paper.  He still has a lot of kitten in him,  so he's on the go most of the morning,  doing stuff he shouldn't like attempting to get into the airing cupboard, or onto windows.    He gets upset if I go out,  on my return I am greeted by his loud miaows,  think I'm being told off! 

All for now...  thanks for stopping by.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, I'm so impressed with your painting talent - your trees are beautiful. I also need at least two cups of tea before I can press the go button! I'm enjoying the tales of Harvey - he sounds quite a character and I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a cat that scolds when feeling neglected :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx