Monday, 6 April 2015

Labours of love...

What's Easter without a bunny, or in this case a Hare!  He's finished,  took ages to fill in all the fur,  then had to faff with the clouds.  But I really love him,  he's definitely going into a frame. 

He's been a labour of love for the last couple of weeks,  just picking him up and doing a bit more every now and then.  He's probably taken over ten hours all told.   Which seems like a lot of hours,  but I don't think so.  I'd rather spend time on something and get it to where I think it should be, than produce a quick sketch which isn't very good. 

The clouds took a while,  lots of cross hatching, then smoothing,  then out with the eraser, oh and blu tack!   But it was all worth it.

This is a still life of three vases, only it is all in my head!  Just wanted to do some colouring in,  so sketched the vases and off I went.  I did consider doing a proper still life,  but all my vases, save for one, are glass.    I have got an idea for a picture,  just need to do some planning, then sketches, photos...   and decide what paper to use.  So far I've been using pads, but think it may be time to invest in some good quality paper.   I spotted some on Saturday in Hobbycraft, the one in Chester,  I'd saved up some money,  so I was at liberty to get a few bits, a T square,  erasers,  and more faber castell pencils.  Wanted the T square so I can get straight lines, makes such a difference, in fact I used it for this picture.   But in the Chester store they had a better choice of paper,  but in single sheets,  which is not a good idea. So guess it I'll have to go on line. 

And finally,  another labour of love - my mum.  I found a lovely picture of her when she was in the WAAF (now disbanded).  She looks so young, probably 18 or 19, and has such a gorgeous smile.  The first two efforts got binned, one was close, but not close enough, the next was er, well not even I recognised her!    Then today I relaxed,  got all my jobs done,  had lunch,  did some warming up stuff to get my eye in and then picked up a fresh sheet of paper.  I spent absolutely ages on the eyes, nose and mouth,  she has the same lazy eye as me - worth remembering that we don't necessarily have matching eyes,  often the left and right hand sides of the face are different.  This took me 4 hours in all, and there is still a bit of work to do, need to do more shading on the uniform, and the hair.   She actually didn't have curly hair, so this must have been a perm.   I'm giving this to my niece, who I caught up with on Saturday in Chester.   She and her husband were doing the food and drink festival.  It was lovely to see them both again, her husband has gone into the brewing business with a friend, and it is going well.  We, me and my niece, had a lovely long chat,  I showed her the first picture of mum, she could recognise her, just!    She was very surprised when I told her that her mum, my sister, can also draw,  in a way it was my sister who spurred me on to get better when I was younger. She did her O level art, and I was determined to be as good as she was.   The weather was lovely on Saturday, since then we've been shrouded in mist, even Harvey is fed up with it. 

Also ordered myself the full set of Spectrum Noir pencils,  well they were on offer on CnC,  and on flexi pay - how could I resist?    Think it may be time to get rid of the craft stuff,  could be a sale coming on!

Hope you had a good Easter,  and that you have a good week.

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