Sunday, 26 April 2015

New sketches....

 I guess the sunny weather couldn't last...  we've had sun today, but boy was that wind cold!  

Start of a new piece of work.  I'm just beginning the shading, which is why it looks a bit odd.  Got a fair bit to do on this, using a 2H pencil so far,  next is the B, then the 3B.   This is an exercise from one of my books,  it is on how to draw animals.   Didn't think I'd managed the horse, not with the bridle,  just seemed like too much to draw.   There is one in the book of a lizard,  guess if I can crack that then I can say that I really have improved!   What is helping is having super sharp pencils, the new sharpener has made all the difference.  I am now able to do really fine detail,  as on here with the bit,  I wouldn't have managed it with an averagely sharp pencil.

The other new drawing, a copper mug and flask.  As you can see I've just started this.   I don't mind taking my time over these,   they fulfil two purposes:  relaxation, and learning how to colour.  That may sound a bit daft, but using colouring pencils can be tricky.   The photo shows up some flaws, which to be honest aren't noticeable on the actual drawing.   The mug has to have some dimples added as well.   I chose to do something shiny so I could practise reflections. 

I may need a couple more brown pencils.   I did pick up 3 more pencils the other day,  another flesh coloured pencil, and two greens - one can never have enough pencils!  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  Actually they are cheaper than buying paint. 

And the Garden Shelf,  although I am still working on this,  just blending.   This took all week,  well there was a lot to do.  I'm most pleased with the watering can, and the pots, the tools could be a lot better.   I want to have a play with the watercolour pencils this week as well, so I've got a lot to fit in! 

Today was busy, had a mountain of ironing to get through.  I did that whilst watching the marathon,  I do admire those who choose to run 26 miles, but have never felt the need to have a go myself.   I'm sure there must be a lot of aching muscles and blisters being soothed tonight.    I also spruced up the car, used the spray thingy to clean it, far easier than lugging water down stairs.  Well it had got to the point were the windows were a bit too mucky.   It was covered in a sandy dust,  I took most of it off then used the spray,  so now it is nice and shiny.  Also gave the window wipers a good clean - bet you forget them, well don't, they get dirty and can pick up bits of dirt and so you end up with a streaky windscreen.   The mini vac is on charge so I can give it a vacuum.    I was aching by the end of it, got some pain in my left hip, not sure if that is related to my back pain or...  something I don't wish to think about!   Another trip to the GP this week, need more of the pills to keep the pins and needles at bay.  Forgot to take them the other day, soon remembered when the numbness came back.

My neighbour gave me some rhubarb, so I guess I'll be making a pie.   A pity mum isn't here, she loved rhubarb, and she would have approved of the new neighbours.   They are lovely,  very thoughtful, and they've smartened up the front area,  and put lots of plant pots out, they also salvaged my old neighbour's rose bush.  I was glad about that,   it produces some lovely yellow roses. 

Well that is it from me,  Harvey is out,  think he has a girlfriend,  the other night he and two other cats were caterwauling,   it was not a pleasant noise.   He did chuck a massive hissy fit yesterday over his food,  which I ignored,  guess who won?   No, not him, me!    He ended up eating the food he had kept rejecting,  I just kept taking it away until he got the message.   He was rewarded with some treats. 

Have a lovely week, and thank you for stopping by.

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