Thursday, 2 April 2015

Paper, pencils and cats...

Funny couple of days.   Think I must be in spring cleaning mode, yesterday I was looking for my lint roller, the unit drawer was a mess, so ended up tidying it up.  Next while doing the breakfast dishes I decided that the cutlery drawer needed a good clean!  Today I gave the cupboards a good clean and tidy, then I noticed how tatty the garden was looking.    The garden needs new pots, a few have fallen apart.  But in spite of me ignoring the plants they are coming back to life.  Need a new heather plant, want a really bushy one, plus fresh compost,  soon it will be time to give it all a good feed.  Indoor plant is also thriving,  again in spite of my neglect.   Need to find a decorator,  kitchen and living room are looking shabby. 

Best talk about the art.   I did the monkey using a grid tool.  I'd been looking for something that would place a grid on to a photo, and I found one!  I also found a video explaining how to use grids and cross hairs,  now I am fully clued up.  Loved drawing the monkey,  they have such emotive eyes and I was eager to capture that.   I also had a new set of pencils, a friend gave them to me, all Bs,  right up to 8B, so they came in useful for the fur.   The monkey was a time out from the Hare picture, which is going well, almost there with it.  I have altered it from the tutorial,  and put him in a rustic setting.  I was getting tired of drawing little stones if the truth be told.  Now I'm onto his fur,  which takes time, a lot of time!  

Today's art I can't show as it didn't go to plan.  I have been wanting to draw my mum.   I found a photo of her in her WAAF uniform, I think she must be around 19/20,   and looking so young and pretty.  I scanned it into the PC,  altered the pixels to get a nice clear picture, used the grid tool, but didn't manage to capture her, so will start again tomorrow.  I wasn't that far away,  I have since edited the photo again, improved it to get the detail right. I realised that she had the same lazy eye that I have,  everyone tells me I look like her.  I'm not so sure. 

And Harvey... his new eating regime is going well. He did get into a strop yesterday,   thought he would, but I just removed the food to his horror.    I left him to think about it, then put the dish down a few minutes later,  and he settled down to eat it.   This morning he couldn't wait for me to get the dish on the floor,  he tucked in straightaway.  On a couple of occasions he's scoffed the lot.  He seems much happier now,  more affectionate too,  he's taken to sitting on my lap, of course he does this at the most inconvenient times.   Last night he cuddled up with me on the bed, as my old cat did, before he would stick to the end of the bed.  I did ask his former owners what food he liked etc,  and got no real answer,  I noticed that the food bowl was full of the dried food and placed next to his litter tray!  Disgusting, would they eat in the toilet?      So I'm sticking with the new regimen,  I'm sure we'll hit a sticky point at some stage.  He's also devouring his treats again, last week he seemed to have gone off them, which was alarming!    So a happy cat, and a happy owner,  phew....  

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