Tuesday, 21 April 2015

On the shelf...

The latest masterpiece!   Well one has to dream.  I started this on Sunday, well Saturday is when I did some prelim sketches.  Took a while to 'arrange' it all.  Now it is all about the shading,  getting the depth on each object, which takes a long time.   This is very satisfying to do,  as is seeing the picture emerge slowly.  It looked like nothing several hours ago,  now it is starting to take shape.  

The weather has been glorious these last two days, wall to wall sunshine.   True spring days.

And the villain in my life - Harvey.  He's now taken to his new eating plan,  with the odd tantrum of course.  He's now eating properly,  and is happier for it.  If you are wondering why I didn't do this before,  well his former owners told me that he ate any old thing... wrong, he didn't.  And of course he had to settle into a brand new home, and get used to me.  So it has all taken time to work out, like, first, finding out what food he did like.   He's adapted to the eating plan very well,  and it is nice not to be chucking food away. 

Today is my niece's 3rd wedding anniversary, sorry no pics,  could do but not sure she'd like it.   She got married in a lovely hotel in Cardiff,  it was  small hotel,  we took it over for the weekend.   Mum and I had the journey from hell on the way down,  it seemed to take forever, then we hit the 'rush' hour in Cardiff on the bridge...  by then my brain was addled, as was the sat nav, so I parked up by a Tesco and rang to be rescued!    The hotel had two dedicated disabled room, so mum and I had one, and my niece's other grandparents had the other.   We had a lovely family meal on the Friday, the food was superb, so we had high hopes for the wedding dinner.   The wedding itself was beautiful, yes I cried, in fact most of the guests did!   Then we had long break till dinner,  which, looking back, was a bit daft.  When finally it was time for dinner I was starving, but they were having pork and I hate the stuff, so I had the veggie option, which turned out to be a very, very dry goat's cheese tartlet.  Mum said the pork wasn't very nice either, it was a surprise as we'd had such a fantastic meal the night before.   I bailed at 9.30ish, I'm afraid I'd had enough of the noise,  and I was bone tired,  mum had an 'accident', so I had to help clean her up, then wash and dry her dress for dinner...  no rest for me.   I also just wanted to be alone for a while, that was my plan, have an hour to myself and then go back but...   I enjoyed the quiet too much to want to disturb myself.  Mum was a little bit annoyed, but she had been well looked after and had enjoyed herself, as had I.   I just needed those couple of hours.  Any carer will know what I mean.    The next day we left just before midday, fortunately the drive home was fine,  no problems.   I know now that mum had kept going to see her favourite grand daughter get married,  after she gave up on life.  But that weekend was special for lots of reasons. 

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