Monday, 23 May 2016

New week, new house, and a new bathroom!

Hi,  I'm back after a short interval cos of back problems, and hospital appointments.  All go here!   Not, just look at Harvey.  Lately he's taken to tucking himself under things,  the other day it was the cushions on the sofa,  today it was under my duvet, were he stayed for most of the afternoon.  The cat is nuts.   I was also doing some painting, or trying to do some painting.  In the end I went back to sketching,  no idea why I seem unable to wield a paint brush at the moment.  I'm sure the knack will return at some point.  In the meantime a small package arrived..

Inside was this,  Nanna's Pantry, which is another property in the Memory Lane set.   It came on Friday, since when I've been prepping, and searching for suitable wall paper, and flooring.   

On the lower floor is the pantry, which I guess could be a small cafe, or cake shop, I've not yet decided which it will be.  But I do aim to put the name on the shop. 

A head on shot to show the flooring.  I used the chequered duck tape for the lower floor.  I had thought that the 'tiles' might be too big, but think it just about works.  For the top floor I used some coloured card to resemble lino. 

I'm now prepping the front of the shop, there is lots of work to do to it.  It has to have some bricks, and there is a frontage to paint and build up.  Oh almost forgot, plus windows and door. 

I'll be stuck in the flat for the rest of the week as the bathroom is being done.  Work will start on Wednesday and should take about four days.  I know the end result will be worth it, but I can't say I'm looking forward to all the mess, noise and inconvenience.  There was a surprise,  they are giving me a new shower as the one I have will not be compatible with the combi boiler that will be installed in the next few months.   So because of that I had to agree that the tiles would be replaced.  I'll be sad to see the others go, they are so pretty,  plus they cost a fortune.  When we had the other shower installed mum was determined that it would all look nice, so we spent ages looking for tiles.   I put them up,  I'd never tiled before so it was a huge learning curve,  I was also worried about breaking the tiles as I cut them, luckily I only wasted a couple.  Then there was the fear that they'd all fall off the wall!   They didn't,  and I have to admit I did a pretty good job. 

Last week I had a hospital appointment with the haemotology dept.  At first the doc wondered why my GP had sent me,  my notes were a bit jumbled up,  so I was hoping she'd just say I was fine and I could go on my way but... suddenly she said: oh, no wonder he sent you.   So that had me worried,  anyway I had to go round to have blood tests and have to go back in two weeks.  I also need to go see my GP about my back,  today my left leg refused to cooperate whilst I was driving, luckily it happened in the car park, I couldn't push down on the clutch properly.   So think I really need to go see a specialist,  I've not been able to sit or stand for long, and walking is so painful.    I'd just gone to B&Q to look at loo seats,  well decided that if the bathroom was going to be tarted up I may as well have a few new things in there.   Going to make a picture as well, mixed media,  won't say too much about it! 

I've got plenty to occupy me, the French Open has started, so I have tennis to watch,  although Murray nearly made a complete hash of his first round match!  And I've got some finishing off to do on a few little houses, mostly landscaping.   No idea how Harvey is going to react to the workman, or all the noise,  it should be interesting. 

Right, time for Corrie...  another wedding disaster!  

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