Friday, 27 May 2016

Not quite flushed with success!

Evening all.  Take a look at this picture... methinks the loo maybe in the wrong place! 

It was crossed legs time today, out came the loo, only then did the plumber discover he had the wrong part for the new one!  Yikes. 

Off he goes... hell for leather back to the stores, then back to me.  Not sure why he said he didn't want a cuppa, mind you neither did I, we both just wanted the new loo fitted - pronto.  And it was, relief all round.  Give him his due he stayed late to make sure everything worked, well except for the top bit, he couldn't work out the external flush button - don't worry I can flush my loo.  

So have loo, and bath, but no shower... boo hoo.  Floor tiles got ripped out.   So bathroom is still looking like a bomb site.  Oh... the external flush button,  guess who's worked out how it all goes together?   Yup, MOI.   Looked at the bits, then the instructions and - eureka.  I'll put it together tomorrow.  To be fair to the plumber he was tired, and he'd been working bloody hard all day,  half the bathroom is now tiled.  Those tiles are not small, they are big, and heavy,  plus some have had to be cut to fit.   Plus he fitted the loo, boxed in some pipes,  and did God knows what else.  And he insisted on cleaning up, even though I told him to leave it to me.  No idea why but the electricians came back,  perhaps to fit the shower but they couldn't as the tile adhesive hadn't set,  personally I think they popped in for a cuppa, seems they like my tea.  Note to self, stop making a decent cuppa for workmen. 

The other end of the bath, so entire wall has been tiled.  I didn't think they would do the whole wall, had visions of them just doing half a wall.  All that has to be grouted, and there is still more tiling to do, then the floor has to be laid, ceiling painted and filled in places, then the walls and woodwork all painted.   I'm amazed how long it takes to do one small room!   At least now I can enjoy some peace and quiet for a few days.  I can use the bath as well.  Just done a load of washing, and contemplating how one person manages to get through so many clothes.   My lovely neighbour said she'd give me a hand to clean up the mess after the work has finished.  They've put that plastic sheeting down, so it isn't too bad, but the place is now terribly dusty.   Also discovered how weak my hands are, couldn't turn the tap off,  plumber had turned it open to full, so he had to turn it off.  I did explain the reason for the weakness.   

Nope, not a bathroom picture,  but Nana's Pantry, or the rear wall.  I'm doing a brick finish the hard way.   I first rolled out some paper clay, 2 mm thick, then liberally spread some super PVA glue on the wall, then put the slab of clay on top. That was left to dry, I just gave it a thin coat of grey paint,  just to make it easier for me to see what I was doing.  I'm using a piercing tool to etch in the bricks.  Just taking a while, but there isn't any hurry.  I can't leave the flat for long, so need something to keep me occupied.  Thank goodness the French Open is on the TV, else I'd be going nuts.   Murray played a good match today,  more like his old self and won fairly easily.  It will soon be Wimbledon! 

The work on the bathroom has done me a favour,  the plumber was searching for the off switches to the taps in the bathroom, consequently he yanked out all the dust sheets that mum and I had stuffed behind the hot water tank!  So that gave me a reason to sort them out, plus a few other things were unearthed in the airing cupboard, even found some socks.  So I will sort the airing cupboard out properly over the weekend.  I need to do it as the central heating is due to be replaced,  and the tank will be removed.   I also discovered the other bath mat set, a lovely shade of blue, I can use that again, couldn't before as it clashed with the green.   Can't help thinking that mum would have liked the new bathroom,  precious little work was ever done to the flat,  mum would never ask,  while others were always demanding stuff.  She did kick up a fuss when we had the new kitchens installed.  We'd had the washing machine put in the airing cupboard as it was the only place it could go in the old kitchen.   When the new kitchen was fitted they told her that the washing machine would have to be moved, she dug her heels in and demanded that they fit a double sink unit,  she wouldn't budge!   She also insisted that the wiring all be sunk into the walls, she was not going to have that awful trunking put in, she won that battle as well.  I am glad she refused to let them touch the bathroom,  as so many of our neighbours had problems with leaky baths and toilets. 

Nice ending to Corrie, good to see Tracey get her comeuppance, and also for her own daughter to see the light and head to live with her dad.  Glad Roy had a change of heart and said a proper goodbye to Carla.  And the body has been found,  don't forget, Kylie is leaving...  cue dramatic music!

Now going to pour myself a large glass of wine. 

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