Thursday, 28 April 2016

Just brushing up on an old hobby!

Evening all.  This may give you a clue as to what I've been doing for the last two days.  I felt I needed a break from house building and also had the urge to pick up a paintbrush.   I checked my watercolours and sadly a few had dried out, so it was off to Hobbycraft, and the pet shop which is just next door.    I got Harvey some different flavours of Felix,  and then crossed my fingers that he'd like them.   In Hobbycraft I got a bargain in the form of this little watercolour pocket case, it was half price.   It is made by Winsor and Newton, so it is good quality.

I've not painted for some time, so I needed to do some practising.   I doodled away with this picture,  I'm quite pleased with the sky,  and the water,  just one of the mountains, the far one is way too dark.  But I didn't think it bad for a first effort after such a long break. 

I just did some washes after that, and practised more on my skies.  I found a few videos on YouTube to follow over the next couple of days,  stuff I've not been brave enough to try before such as a still life.  

The little paint box is lovely and the colours are really rich,  these won't dry out like the tubes did.   Plus if I ever get up the courage to paint outside then it will be ideal. 

And here he is, Himself,  snoozing on the radiator shelf yesterday.  This is where I find him in the morning,  which is when the room gets all the sun so he is in heaven. 

Sadly something has spooked him, no idea what.  Usually he can't wait to go out in the morning,  but for the last few days he's not been fussed, in fact he is very reluctant to venture outside during the day.  He's okay in the evening,  so whatever has scared him has happened in the morning.   He also had the glums, wouldn't touch any of his sweets, which is very unusual as he is always keen to savour his treats.   He seems a little more like himself today, but still a not keen to go out during the daytime.  

And what about this weather?   Last night I looked out of the window and the world had turned white!     Today it was horrid, very cold, very wet and windy.   I went as far as the supermarket to get some bread and milk, plus a bottle of wine, the essentials!   

I was also relieved to hear that doctors are saying that e-cigs are a good way to quit smoking, and that smokers should be encourage to switch.   Will that shut the moaners up?     I don't agree that they should be available on prescription, if you can afford to smoke you can afford to go buy your own e-cig.  But it is good to know that doctors are supportive, so will others also show the same support? 

All from me tonight,   who knows what I'll be doing tomorrow,  painting or tiling a tiny roof... depends on how I feel.  

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