Thursday, 2 June 2016

The very posh bathroom

Isn't the weather bootiful?   Makes a change for us 'oop north' to have the good stuff, long may it continue. 

Have you spotted it?   The photo, a finished bathroom!    Could have danced for joy, only my back wouldn't have like it or allowed me.  It was almost finished yesterday,  only almost.  But I did at least have a working bath, sink and loo, even if they were missing a few bits. 

The new sink,  sadly it needs a new tap, this one is way too short to flow properly.  Wish I'd not chose the mixer tap, not even sure why I did. The sink is a bit shallow for my liking, though I'm sure I'll get used to it.   There was one problem, the water pressure, which was diabolically slow.   I couldn't figure out why,  the taps in the kitchen were fine.  Eventually I figured it out, one of the stop taps hadn't been opened fully...   simple mistake.  Once it was fully open the water pressure was much better.    Loved all the new boxed in work, much better than the rather chaotic diy effort.  That wasn't down to me,  it was done way before I moved back home.  Now I've got some nice shelves to put stuff on. 

Shower is missing its front plate.   I'm blaming the electrician, who was here yesterday and could have easily have fitted the shower, instead he spent an awful lot of time on his mobile phone, before taking an early dart.  Then today, rather than turn up with the plumber he comes after he's gone. So, that meant the shower still isn't working, plus at that point I'd not sorted out the water pressure problem.  The compensation is that I do have a working bath, which I tested this morning.  Oh it was bliss to have a bath,  it did help the back, and this bath has handles, and is shallow, so it wasn't too bad to access.   Now got my grab rails, and my bath board is back in situ.   There was one other problem, the loo.  Or the flush mechanism, which the plumber hadn't seen before. So I figured how it worked, showed him,  said he'd have to cut a bit off the two flush bars, well he did, but not enough.  I only found out when I went to flush the loo, first the button cover flew off... put that back on,  loo flushed but then wouldn't stop!   I realised what was wrong, but should I fix it or wait... sod that.  I unscrewed the button,  took it apart,  cut off a little more from both bars,  put it back together... success! 

Now for something completely different, Nanna's Pantry, which is coming along nicely.   I finished off the front, complete with brick work.  This time I didn't use the mask, but some paper clay,  which I scribed using a piercing tool.  Once that was done I mixed up some mortar looking paint,  applied that and then did the bricks.  The shop front took the longest, I kept changing my mind on how I wanted it to look.  I did the sign using Craft Artist Pro;  after measuring the aperture, I made a text box using the measurements, then added the text.  Then I found some peel offs, well... why not!   Used them on the detail pieces,  now it needs the windows, and the door.  Also have to finish the back wall,  the sides can be left unfinished as it will be sandwiched between two other properties.  Then just need to complete the roof. 

We've had fun and games here today.  Unitied utilities arrived, think they were either going to put in a water meter for my neighbour.  Anyways,  I was engaged in putting stuff back in the bathroom.  Next thing I hear the workmen outside let out a string of expletives, me being nosy went to have a look...  well they'd only gone at broken the mains pipe.  There was water everywhere, and men running round like headless chickens.    They did try to fix it,  first they used a pump, but since the water was coming out faster than they could suck it out it seemed a bit pointless.  They abandoned that idea,  while one phoned 'home',  or HQ,  the rest put up more signs!  Water is still flowing like a river down the road, apparently they did tell one neighbour that they'd fix the leak tonight...  I doubt it.

Got another hospital appointment tomorrow, find out the results of the tests.   I'm still feeling very tired, and a bit breathless, so something isn't right.  I've been dutifully taking the Vit D that the doc prescribed, but can't say they've made much difference.  Also feel incredibly achy all over,  as for the back,  it is killing me.  Yesterday I got cramp, it was so bad I couldn't drive the car, had to wait in the car park till it passed, it took ages.   I'd had to go to the supermarket cos Mr Fusspot, aka Harvey,  had no food,  and I was also out of milk, and neither of us could wait till Mr Tesco came with the delivery today.  At least I was able to cancel the milk and cat food from the order, phew.   As I said, the bath this morning helped the very sore back,  but only for a little while.

Think I need to go rest my back.  It would be nice if I could have a lie in tomorrow, but have to be up early for that appointment.  All for now, thanks for stopping by.  

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