Saturday, 9 July 2016

Bouquets and brickbats, plus a pub!

I'm not in the best of moods, more on that later.  But let's head back to the pub.  Here is the front,  windows, door, sign...  one sign, there is another.  I pinched a pub sign from Google images,  then shrank it right down to ONE centimetre, so that it would fit inside the frame. 

I made a bit of a botch job on one window.   I glued it into place and left it to dry,  made a cuppa and then glanced at the window... oops, not quite in the right place.  Fortunately it hadn't dried so was easy to take off and resite.  Now I need to put the door knob back on, it has fallen off twice.   There are a few bits missing...  like the ledge above the door and that second sign..  

So,  let's move on to second pic

Tah dah!   Sign, ledge and doorstep.  No roof - yet.  The sticky out sign didn't come in the kit,  I bought it a while a go and was intending to use it for something else, but then changed my mind.  So I dug it out,  I painted the frame with some gold paint, the rest was painted black, and I inserted the small pub sign.  Looks rather natty.   I've also got a another 'A' frame signage board,  not sure when I'll use that. 

So, with all that done, it was time to focus on the other walls. It was a toss up whether to continue with the 'brick' look, or do a mix of brick and render, so went for the latter option.

So how to do this?   Simples,  I marked out the areas where I wanted the bricks to show through, then splodged on a load of PVA and sprinkled on lots and lots of sand.  Then when the render was dry I rolled out some paper clay,  and laid it over the area were I wanted the bricks.  Once glued into place, I then pressed in the brick mask.  Now it just has to dry.

Here's a close up, still needs a bit of a tidy up at one edge.  Then when it is all dry, it will be painted, then the bricks will be picked out with the sponging method. 

Might do that tomorrow... depends on how nervous I feel during the final.  It was great to see Andy make it to his 3rd final, but sad to see Roger lose.  I wonder if he will come back next year?   I'd hate him to go on too long.  I think his injuries and lack of matches caught up with him during his semi final.  But Murray played an excellent semi final,  so tomorrow we all have to keep our fingers and toes crossed. 

Why am I in a bad mood?   First the weather, it has rained all day,  did someone say it was July?  

Next a letter arrived,  one that is chock full of lies.  I was upset,  but now I've calmed down,  and I've got some help arranged to help me fight it.  Can't say too much, sadly, want to, but can't. 

It's been an odd week, got the bathroom sorted,  managed to find some positivity to do sorting of another kind, as in paperwork.   I disagreed with two FB 'friends', use the term loosely,  and they unfriended me!   Hilarious,  I wasn't rude,  just asked politely if they could not post propoganda on my FB page, and off then went in a huff.  I accept that if I post an opinion on FB then there is a chance that someone may disagree with me, fair enough, but it seems a few folk don't want their opinions or views challenged.   Not a bit bovvered,  nice not to have my FB page full of nasty propoganda anymore.  If you are wondering why I would be 'friends' with someone who has opposing views to myself, well it was because I didn't realise what they were like until very recently, in fact during the Brexit stuff.   They had their opinion, and wanted to us to leave the EU, and I thought that we were better staying in, so nowt wrong with that, after all the country was pretty much split 50/50.  But then all this nastiness started,  and all the truly awful posters, then the propoganda, from both sides, along with all the lies, again, from both sides.  And I began to see another side of some people, which frankly I didn't like, but I did continue to bite my lip until this last week and then I snapped, but in polite way.  Next time not going to be so bloody polite, or put up with it for so long. 

So now I am off for a drink, not at the pub,  just opened a nice bottle of red,  and it should be ready to drink.  So cheers all!

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