Sunday, 3 July 2016

New balls please

Sorry,  I've been rather engrossed in the tennis, good job they have that roof on centre court.  One more week to go,  keeping fingers crossed, though Murray has a tough match tomorrow. 

Also been busy with Buttons and Bunting,  just in the process of finishing off the roof.  So far I have four of the properties that make up Memory Lane, here they are,  sitting on top of the craft desk.  Once I've got the roof finished for Buttons and Bunting, I'll take a proper photo.

A head on shot, although I'm not sure you can tell what I've been up to.  I stripped back Daffodil Cottage, just the brick work, and started over.  I then used the sponge method to paint the bricks, which I think is a much better finish. For the sides and rear wall I used the render finish.  The properties aren't in their finished order,  this is just to give an idea of how it all looks. 

And every community needs a pub!  This is the Marsworth Arms,  and mine is currently on the craft desk.   It has been prepped, papered and glued together, now waiting for the glue to dry overnight.   Of course there is much to do,  brick work, windows, door, and pub sign to design. 

Not been a busy week,  just a bit of pottering around the flat.  The last two days haven't been easy as I've been very sore and achy.   I have been trying to tidy up, things seem to have got a bit messy.  This was a result of the bathroom saga, which is actually still ongoing.   I'm still waiting for them to fix the faults, got so fed up of waiting that I put in a complaint,  and also told them that my glass shower screen was chucked out,  which I allowed but only because I was assured it would be replaced, well it was, but with a plastic curtain. 

I did make something other than a small house, a new keyboard drawer.  The bathroom fitter had chucked out a whole piece of board,  so I rescued it.  All I had to do was cut it, which was easy as it was only plastic, and screw it on to the keyboard drawer runners, easy peasywith an electric screwdriver.   It looks really smart.  I sill have some of the plastic board left, not sure what I'll use it for. 

The flat is now tidy, sorted out the mail,  I do open it, but then some of it has to be filed so I know where I'm up to with bills etc. It all piles up on the kitchen table until I'm in the mood to sort it.  And of course there were bills to pay,  plus car tax... but did that by direct debit for the year, that will be a blessing as I won't be getting a demand at Christmas.  Finally got around to going through the art stuff,  that had just been dumped on a chair, now it is in some sort of order,  others would call it 'chaotic', but I call it 'orderly'.  

My new plants are coming along nicely,  all have now picked up.  Did think a couple might die, but nope, they've sprung back to life.  The new rose bush, the patio size, is doing very well, full of lovely roses, and it has a light scent.  The winter Jasmine, that I thought really had kicked the bucket, it now positively blooming.  I came out the other day to start tying up the stalks, only to find my neighbour had done it for me.  He's such a lovely chap,  he gave me some more strawberries from his allotment,  they were lovely, so sweet and juicy.  Still got one more tub to fill,  no idea what to put in it,  I'll have to have a mooch round the garden centre. 

I'm now going to pour a glass of wine,  time to put my feet up I think.  Let's hope the sun shines this week,  think we've had enough rain.   Have a good week.

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