Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Whose round is it?

Evening folks,  this could get a bit disjointed,  I'm engrossed in football and tennis,  much channel hopping going on!  I'm also enjoying a nice, cool, lager.  

So, state of play on Buttons and Bunting,  it is just awaiting its chimney!  Yep, roof is painted,  and glued into place,  a little bit more distressing on the front, plus chimney and this little shop will be complete.  It all came together very nicely, I'm liking my much improved brickwork technique.  I'm using the mask but pressing it into the paper clay.  And on the subject of paper clay, I have found some UK stockists,  which is brilliant as delivery is far quicker.  Only got small packet, but that was my mistake, didn't read the blurb properly - doh. But I have some to do the brickwork on the pub.  Ooh I say,  Murray is up four love...  come on Andy!

To the pub, well why not!  This is the inside of the front wall.   Please trust me when I say that the wonky window is now straight!   It wasn't glued into place, just needed a tweak.  I'm using some black peel off stripes to act as window frames, just so the edges look a bit neater.  Need new blades for craft knife,  seem to have bought some rubbish blades, they are not lasting long and driving me nuts.

And here is the other side.  Looks kinda nice?    I did this yesterday, while the bathroom faults were being attended to, more on that in a mo.   Today I just did a little more sponging on the bricks.  But very happy with it so far.

The front with some windows, the lower two aren't glued into place, so they are a bit on the wonky side.   I got a bit engrossed in the Federer match, did think he might get beat, but he hung on in there.  I hope this will be his last year,  I want to remember him at his best.  Such a fabulous tennis player, possibly the greatest, but who knows.

Tomorrow is the Ladies semis,  and two Williams sisters,  they're not my cup of tea,  don't much like brutal tennis, or all that screeching.   All the British women capitulated fairly easily during the first week.  The British men were pretty much the same, save for Andy, what will we do when he retires?  Novak is out, so who will win the title?   I know who I want to win.. 

Well finally my bathroom is finished.   I did complain, sent an email, to be fair they responded very quickly.  Someone came to visit to see what faults were outstanding,  she took pics and promised to arrange for the work to be completed asap.  Next day a pair of workmen arrived, they listened, took my list, went off to get what they needed, came back and set to work.  It soon became clear that the first bathroom fitter had done something of a botch job on the bath panel,  and the box work, so that all had to be redone.  It all took till mid afternoon, think they liked my tea,  and it was all finished.  The chap told me what he'd had to do,  far more than I thought,  and that was just to put right what the other idiot had botched.  But bathroom now looks lovely, I was happy to thank them,  and today I emailed a compliment for such swift action.  Well fairs, fair, they did respond quickly and the work was done without delay.  Best of all is that my central heating is to be replaced!  Yeah, you'd think I'd be mad to want more work done to the flat, but the present central heating system is over 30 years old, and badly needs updating.   I should also save money,  managed to shave a bit of money off the water bill this time round, so my water saving scheme is working nicely.   I can't tell you how nice it is to have a finished bathroom! 

Not a good week pain wise,  or with the depression,  I had two very low days this week.  Wish I knew why,  there never seems to be a reason.  When the downers happen it is hard to stay focused, in fact, make that impossible.   Harvey has also been in fussy mode,  today I found that Felix have put together some new flavours,  so got that box,  this is all I get these days from supermarket,  his food!  The rest comes via Mr Tesco delivery man,  but I always need to get exra milk and bread, and food for Mr Fussy.   So far Harvey has happily tucked into two of the new flavours and enjoyed them.  Phew,  it won't last.  Had a bit of a laugh with a fellow cat owner at the supermarket, she was scratching her head like me,  both of us wondering what our cat would eat!   Then, would you believe, I went to get some sand,  from the beach,  what, pay for sand?   You are joking, I live just five minutes from a golden, sandy beach.   Just got a small bagful, dried some of it in the microwave.  The things us model makers do! 

Time for second beer...   and second half of the footie.   Should get a bit done on the pub tomorrow,  will only be half watching the tennis.  And Murray is through to the semi final!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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