Saturday, 1 December 2007

What - it's December!

How'd that happen? How did it manage to sneak up like that? I think Life should come with a pause button, so you can stop and just take a breather or have a long contemplation.

That means in (she whispers) 24 days time it will be 'that' day, the one that is soooo anticipated, which promises soooo much and yet, generally fails to deliver. Methinks our expectations are set far too high thanks to the media, all those articles in the papers, how to cook Christmas dinner, oh for crying out loud it is a glorified roast, alls you need to do is work out what needs to be cooked and when. Let's face it all we all want is a nicey juicy turkey, roasties, veggies (roasted parsnips... bring em on!) and lashings of gravy, and if you have room, some Christmas pud. Then we all fall asleep, wake up grumpy, survey room and think - was that it? Was that really worth all the stress, sleepless nights, worrying.... nope it wasn't.

I have at least pinned down my sister and what she and her hubby want, ordered both off Amazon, have no idea what Brother wants, his usual replay is: Don't know. I have promised that one day I shall wrap up a large box, and inside will be a card saying 'Don't know'. Did get pressie for niece and her partner, a photo box, but a nicely crafted wooden one. Mum banged on about: but where will they put it. Like, er is that my problem? Does my neice consider what I will do/put her present to me? No, in fact I am lucky if I get one. And luckier still if it is delivered around the Christmas period, one infamous year she finally arrived to hand over pressies in late January, I wasn't angry for me, but just furious on behalf of my mother who was very hurt and upset. Said niece lives just a five minute drive away. Whereas niece who lives a few hundred miles away ensures that pressies are delivered on time, and bothers to ask for suggestions.

No crafting today, was going to, but the sun was shining (oh boy had they got our weather forecast wrong!), so offs I go to garden centre, well known for its Xmas displays, all to get me in some sort of Xmas mood. Got out the advent candle, a lot less fattening than an advent calendar, try it! Crossed off 4 pressies off the list, coughed up for deposit on works night out, fiddled with Xmas decs at work, trying to persuade two light up snowmen to light up! They did, but did take a lot of persuading. Let two junior staff take the strain at work, told annoying customer who was griping about the kids, said kids were not being annoying, in fact they were being very well behaved, to go away. Have no time for that particular customer, she demands to use a computer, and for what - to play patience.... we've stopped her using her 'boyfriend's' library ticket, which she was using to get another two hours on the computers. Why don't these people go get a life, or better still, a job.

Will be crafting tomorrow, last few Xmas cards.... then just have to get going on a scrapbook for niece, my god-daughter, and more stuff for second demo (whose stupid idea was that? )

Off now to muse and curse blogspot! I would like to alter this blog, make it pretty, put slide shows on, can I - can I heck.

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Cazzy said...

I know what you mean on getting family presents! We are toying with the idea of getting my parents the most hideous ornament we can find, before they get it for us! Why do they (and other family) get us ornaments when they can see we have no more spaces to put them?

I too am panicking now it is December and I have just started serious Christmas card making!