Thursday, 3 July 2008

locked in groundhog syndrome

This has one hell of an emotional roller coaster. No sooner do we think that mum is on the mend and soon to be discharged than it all goes pear-shaped again. Everthing looked good last week, the wound looked like it was at last dry... then... As I am about leave for the hospital last Tuesday the phone rings, it is my brother, he says two words: get here. I got to the hospital to find my mum barely clinging on to life, as she was walking with the physio the wound burst, it was an arterial bleed - the staff acted quickly, had they not done then I dread to think what would have happened. Odd tho, only a few weeks prior to that the doctor told us he couldn't find any internal bleeding! I damn well know my mother's wound has been bleeding since her operation, I'm the one who has been washing her bloodied nightdresses. She was operated on, and guess what, they found were the bleed was... grrrr. I have no faith whatsoever in the doctor looking after her, he is an arrogant SOB. We met him last week for a meeting, think he was taken aback at being met by 3 articulate people. He did not restore any faith in me after that meeting, especially not when he said: I'm the top doctor.... You think it couldn't get any worse, wrong. On Saturday they operated to remove the packing from the wound, and just as they were lifting mum's leg, the femur fractured. That is for the second time. My brother was there, he told me that the surgeon was devastated, diddums, frankly I don't give a damn about the surgeon's feelings. Then incredibly my brother told me that the surgeon had said that: he'd understand if we wanted mum moved to another hospital, then suggested two, both further away, one with a bloody awful reputation regarding infection. I was fuming, it was scare tactics. There is a damn good hospital just ten minutes away from where mum is, if she goes anywhere, she goes there. Wish she'd gone there in the first place.

Somehow this week I managed to get back to some card making. Had to make some thank you cards, and made a thank you exploding box for one of the nurses who had saved mum's life. The nurse was chuffed, she is new to cardmaking and wants to make the exploding box.

But wasn't feeling overly creative, and wanted to just stick to some decoupage, the cutting bit is soothing. Found some paper nation, used some pearlescent card behind him, plus some self stick paper from a separate kit. An easy card, but just what I needed to be doing.


Sequin Bead said...

Really sorry to hear what happened to your Mum!

This is such a cute dog card you have made, well done x

Cass said...

Thanks Sequin.. and everyone else, the comments have been MUCH appreciated.

Ultramum said...

What a nightmare time for your mum :-(