Saturday, 31 May 2008

turning the corner

Haven't been blogging for a while, didn't want to break the spell of 'luck'. But it seems at last we have turned a corner re mum, she's making excellent progress, is walking a bit further every day, can get herself in and out of bed, and to the toilet. Funny how we take such things for granted, but their big strides in her life right now. I took her down to the coffee shop tonight, they have a garden area, so she enjoyed some evening sunshine and some fresh air, if she'd been more comfy in the chair she'd have stayed a bit longer.

I also got myself out and about, went to see what our new shopping centre is all about.... and... well it is a shopping centre! Not sure what they were all raving about, it is an open air shopping mall. Once you've seen one shop, you've seen them all. Sadly no craft shops..... :-( I'm sure if someone put a bit of effort in then we could have a darned good craft shop, instead we get John Lewis' pathetic effort, a tiny corner of their vast new shop, as opposed to what they used to have in the old store - a vast area. Plus the paper mil, which seems to slip further down everytime I visit. They seem to keep trying different things, then give up and try something else, instead of pitching it right and sticking with it. It would probably be better if it were an independent store, or Craft Central, far too much paper, which is a bit oxymoronish... but it just doesn't have enough of the bits and bobs that us crafters need. On my last visit they seemed to have decided to concentrate a bit on scrapbooking, but when I went today they'd abandoned that idea! So came home with some peel offs, a peel off storage folder, full of alphabets and sentiments. I'd seen them at the craft fair, but hadn't bothered buying them, but they are actually a good bargain. They also had the Big Bite, but at £34.99 it was a bit pricey.

At the new shopping mall I did get some new clothes, love the Maine range at Debenhams, dunno why but I prefer American clothes, they go for classics and don't faff around too much with designs, and they fit better. Can't be bothered with tight T shirts, or cropped sleeves - ugh! I like clothes that I can put on, look good and can forget about. So got two T shirts and a pair of very comfy trousers. Then went to Clarks to see if I could get a pair of comfy shoes, but nope, no daft ones that I liked.

So to the pic... my happy little vehicle, so called by my mum having spotted the reg: HLV. And it was a very happy little car, with ideas well above its station. It was a bog standard fiesta, but it thought it was a ferrari, it would take on anything. I loved it, sadly, as with all old cars, it got too expensive to keep. Tho if I'd had the money I would have had it restored to its proper glory. I used papers from my QVC kit, a spotty paper for background, and stripey bit for accent, plus the blue mat behind photo. I made some slits in the stripey paper and threaded the mat thru it, just for a different effect, then used some chipboard letters, some circles and some squares, to spell out Happy Little Vehicle. Added some of the new peel offs I got, to spell out 'Star Car' and coloured them using some peel off pens. Think I should take photo of present car, and do a double page spread!

Now off to watch CSI NY, have a good weekend all. Thanks for stopping by.

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