Thursday, 11 August 2011

The juices are flowing

And the rain is falling!   Oh well...  typical British summer,  no two days alike. 

But since my art workshop my crafting juices have been flowing.  Just got one more page to do on my friend's inspiration book.  I enjoyed this page,  I used the alcohol inks,  and some soft gold embossing powder on the butterfly.   I stamped round the edges but it isn't showing up on the photo. 

It was also a good way of taking my mind off the riots,  it was awful seeing such thuggery and wanton destruction.   I felt so sorry for those people who have had their lives ruined,  the small business owners not the national conglommerates.  

This is the other page I did today,  I'm using pinflair glue which is taking time to set,  so have to wait until the next day to do the other side of the page.  I found the sentiment on a sheet I got ages ago from QVC.  Just fitted perfectly in the oval,  then as I was rummaging for something else I found the two yellow flowers.   The fairy, well why not!   Actually as I was going through the pages I've realised that fairies seem to be a common theme,  good job my friend likes them.    Once this one is done I will start another,  that will also be for a friend.   I must remember to take these into my craft shop as the staff said they wanted to see what I was doing with them. 

So just got one more page to do!   Then at the weekend it is back to the DIY,   mum finally agreed that the bathroom is in need of redecorating!    I got the wallpaper today,  and some tiles to for the bath panel,  mum's paying for the flooring, and we may need a new shower,  she wants to see if our current shower can be repaired, I don't hold out much hope,  it will probably be cheaper to get a new one.   After the bathroom I'll have to nudge her into agreeing that the living room also needs a lick of paint.   It really does only need painting.   The bathroom shouldn't take me long, though I think I said that about the kitchen! 

Thanks for stopping by...  stay safe.

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