Sunday, 14 August 2011

What happened to the blue sky?

I watched the weather forecast for today,   they said we'd have a lovely sunny day,  hence I loaded up the washing machine...   and when I woke up this morning?   Grey skies, wall to wall...  !  So all outdoor plans put on hold, tho still needed to do washing. 

By lunchtime it was starting to clear up,  patches of blue sky were appearing.  Too late for me to put washing out!  Bother. Also not happy with Help the Heroes bacon,  thought I was doing my bit, but bacon is thin and watery.... not the stuff you'd give to a hero. Also noticed that there were Help for Heroes eggs which were on the small side but said they were medium!  

Anyway amused myself with a couple more pages of the 3rd inspiration book.   I mentioned that stamp I'd been having problems with, well here it is, and yes it is still causing me problems, and I used a roc-a-bloc,  they don't do quite what they advertise.  Used the unicorn,  but had to do a bit of patching up as this one was part of a decoupage so had bits 'missing',  cut out missing bits and attached them,  hopefully you can't 'see' the join.   Had time for another page...  And this one emerged from nowhere,  I do like the sentiment/saying, think it is very pertinent,  why keep company with people who make you feel bad?  Makes no sense.  I've tried putting that into practice these last few years and I have felt a lot better.  It isn't always possible to avoid people you don't like or who have a negative effect on you, but you can keep contact with such people to a minimum.   It is also about dealing with the negatives of life,  no point in continuing to be angry,   anger is harmful emotion, it is like acid, it eats away at you.  You have to find a way to move on,  that may involved forgiveness, and some see that as a sign of weakness,   you can forgive but not forget,  but you must store the memory very deep and leave it alone.  Moving on from painful situations takes time,   it almost seems impossible to let go of the pain because it has become part of you, you may want payback, revenge...  that must be left to karma.  Move on if you can,  leave the past behind,  you can't go back and change it,  try to make peace with it and move on. 

All for now,  I hope your weekend has been enjoyable... take care

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