Saturday, 13 August 2011

Last page...

Yay!  The last page of my second inspiration book, just hope my friend Debbie likes it!   Managed to find the unicorn toppers,  of course I had put them in an unlikely place,  so no wonder I couldn't find them.  The butterfly was a bit of recycling,  it had been attached to a wedding invitation, so a bit of recolouring and it was ready to go.  Also managed to get new stamp to stamp,  it seemed to have some coating on it,  used stayzon, as that usually works, but not this time, so it was down to soapy water and a soft nail brush.  It is odd cos the other two stamps that came with it stamped straight away with no problem.   Just a few stars to finish off,  and the sentiment. 

So what to do next?  Well start another book for my other good friend Conny.    She likes the colour turquoise and blues,  so think that will be my colour palette, with maybe a few purples.   I started this yesterday but wasn't having much success getting my inks to blend,  so decided to head to craft shop.   I decided to take the plunge and try the distress inks,  and got two more bottles of alcohol inks, a lovely green and silver,  plus a TH mask,  a compass, which I had thought was a rub on,  but nope, it is a small mask,  perfect for mini books.  Also picked up some card candy, but chose the all white option so I can do my own colouring.   So armed with that lot,  headed home to finish off page. 

I was impressed with the Tim Holtz distress inks, they do blend very nicely,  used the mask as well,  then the alcohol inks,  and the card candy. Recoloured two flowers, and a page was made. I do like it when it all comes together. 

May get the other masks I saw,  just the small ones, and start collecting the distress inks,  that will be a slow process.  

The weather was much better today,  rather cloudy but dry and very humid.   Popped up to my old workplace,  caught up with a old work colleague I've not seen in ages,  she looked extremely well.   But like everyone else she is fed up of all the changes,  she's now doing two late nights a week,  but there are less staff so more work for those who are left.    I'd drag the bosses out of their offices and give them a taste of life on the front line,  just like they do on that undercover boss show on C4,  where it always amazes me how the boss is surprised by how unhappy his/her workers are,   workers just want decent working conditions,  decent staff rooms,  a fair wage and to be appreciated!  It ain't rocket science.   This weeks show was the chap from Poundland,  he soon discovered how unhappy his staff were,  and the appalling conditions they were having to work in, and yet they all were working hard. 

The riots seem to be over thank goodness,  I feel so sorry for those who've lost their homes, businesses and especially sorry for those who also lost loved ones.   I think we reached a turning point last week,  now we either grab the opportunity to start fixing our society or wait for this to happen all over again.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you may be.  Take care

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