Sunday, 7 August 2011

Very lazy Sunday

Well first wake up call was 6 a.m.,  so feeling hungry had tea and toast,  and went back off to sleep.  Woke up and it was now 10.45 a.m!  Yikes,  how'd that happen?   Not like me to sleep in that late.   But didn't care,  felt fine,  and still in good mood from yesterday,  in fact craft mojo was also stirring.   I'd missed Barbara Gray on CnC,  oh well...  did catch her later show.

So late start to the day,   still had to start same way with a cup of tea,  can't do anything before that.  Once tea has been drunk it is time to get washed and dressed, we need supplies, bread and milk, the staples of life.  So off to supermarket,  turn ignition on car and wait for boot to open, it doesn't...   get to supermarket, switch off ignition and now boot opens!    Lock car,  wait for a few minutes to ensure it is locked... go get supplies.    Back home for bacon buttie, another Sunday staple,  have bought Help for Heroes Bacon,  and having opened pack methinks someone is having a laugh!   Skinny bacon,  not fit for heroes.   So have to cook extra.    Tackle crossword,  eat butty,  and time to get started on scrap challenge.

Okay, need 5 photos, thanks Karen,  have got photos from Joanna Sheen, she's been posting them of the duck and her duckings which have nested near her home.  They will do fine.  Resize photos,  choose card, blues and greens seem apt,  and some wavy lines to represent water,  challenge calls for card candy, got none,  so use buttons.... rummage in stash drawers,  find some lettering,  enough for what I want? Eureka,  can at least spell 'Ducks',  bit of pro markering and they'll do fine,  need more letters,  get out slice,  hang on... yep, find more letters..  add second word!   Now we're cooking on gas,   got all elements,  got glue, so time to stick!   YES,  one page completed,   love how it came together,  no effort required,  no real thinking,  just serendipity,  just how I like it. 

Mum is complaining that it is cold,  me, I am warm,   non menopausal friends also complaining of cold, suggest they fast forward a few years!   

Hope you all had a good weekend,  thanks for following me, will catch up with you all on your blogs.  Stay safe..  

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