Saturday, 6 August 2011

Psychic Art Workshop

What can I say?  Just spent the most wonderful day at an art workshop,  but not the usual type,  this was a psychic art workshop,  or you paint what you feel or see in your mind!  It was brilliant.  I'm a crafter, but I don't draw or paint,  I think most of us are afraid of painting and drawing,  especially when presented by a huge canvas!  This canvas (see pic) is actually 16 inches by 20 inches and the thought of covering it terrified me.  But that wasn't the idea,  you just had to draw/paint what you felt,  big, little, abstract,  whatever came into your mind.  Plus there were lots of bits to stick on if we wanted.

We had a meditation first,  whenever I meditate I see the colour purple, or blue,  so I was quite surprised to see the colour orange,  which seemed to grow into a flower, a poppy shape.  I was nervous about just applying paint so I used some pastels, but then knew that I needed to give it a more vibrant colour, so onto the paints and suddenly I was away,  feeling very happy at slapping on the paint,  I had been sitting down, but decided to stand up,  I just became engrossed in what I was doing.   Okay it ain't rembrandt,  but do I care?  Nope,  cos I had fun,  I then added some stars,  and found a small butterfly punch and some gorgeous glittery paper so let the crafter in me come out.   But my canvas was now covered..   :-(     No worries,  just start on another!  

I had this strong image of an angel,  I did use the pastels to sort of sketch the shape and then used the paints.   It was wonderful,  this angel began emerging on the canvas,  and I just messed with the paints, adding purple, then white,  wanted the orange and red, they seemed to be my dominant colours,  and some blue mixed with white.   I just happily kept on going,  fuelled by choc and tea..  mind you may have to teach Yvonne how to make tea as it did vary a bit!   I found a lovely crystal with Faith on it,  and I wanted to put an affirmation on her,  luckily I found exactly what I wanted, and someone to write it out nicely,  rather than have it in my horrible scrawl 

Then after we'd all finished we had a breather then Yvonne 'read' our paintings, think this was the most interesting bit.  Consider also that aside from knowing our names she knew nothing else about us, she had deliberately just kept the chat to a minimum but never asking anything personal.  So it was very spooky how accurate she was.    She's hoping to do a monthly workshop,   I hope so too as I'll be there! 

Stress... what stress,   I am like overcooked spaghetti!   Have a lovely weekend all.

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