Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Each life touches this world
in a way
no others can
leaving not only
Wonderful memories
but lasting imprints
in our hearts.

That wonderful poem is to Val,  one of my craft buddies who sadly died suddenly this last weekend.  News of her death came as such a shock,  she was such a bubbly and giving person.  I felt privileged to know her and to have some of her fantastic craft work to remember her by.    Rest in peace my friend.  The picture is of one of Val's T bag cards, fitting then that for this month's swap we are making T bag cards! 

I half thought I'd be hearing sad news of my cousin who has spent the last few weeks battling double pneumonia, and who is still on a respirator.   Yet he is not quite ready to give up yet and is showing signs of slow improvement. 

Life has that uncanny knack of taking our feet from under us.  It seems just as we dare to breathe a welcome sigh of relaxation there is always a sucker punch,  something that brings everything back into sharp focus, and our gripes, moans and groans suddenly seem very pathetic and selfish. 

I'm still getting over my bug,  thought I'd cracked it until yesterday when I overdid things and realised that I'd not had a cold but a damn bug which is lingering.    Took out my frustration on defrosting the freezer, a thankless task...  next freezer will be frost free!    After that I got busy in the first of around 50 boxes I agreed to decorate!   Funny it started out with 3 pretty boxes, then we got to six,  and then.... out came a mixed bag of small boxes.     Two down,  40 odd to go. 

 Think that is all I can manage tonight,  brain is a bit fried...   thanks for stopping by

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