Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A good start to the year

Well I was in bed before the midnight hour, but I was awake, so in comfort I watched the firework display,  wished a Happy New Year to all I knew and snuggled down to sleep.   I woke up at 5 a.m.,  put on the news and watched New York welcome in the New Year.    My car was fine!   I can still remember that feeling I had last year when I realised my car had been smashed up,  my heart sank,  had this horrid feeling in the pit of my stomach,  couldn't even face going out to see the damage.     This time our local pub was closed,  so there were no drunks wandering down our road.    That was a New Year I did not wish to be repeated. 
I've also been scrapbooking!   At long last I got the scrap stash out,  the photos have been piling up,  but I've just not found the right mood to scrapbook anything.  So I made a real effort to get the juices going.  I did a scraplift for UKPC,  and then carried on and made two more pages,  also got a few scrap challenges to catch up with.  I did pick up a nice scrapbook pad of paper at HC,  the paper is all glittered,  really enjoying using it, it is a bit grungy as well.   This photo was taken by a semi pro photographer,  it was taken at the Albert Dock last year, me and two of my best friends,  a nice memento.   Didn't want to do too much,  so just used a template to cut the frames,   did some distress inking,  recoloured the flowers,  added a few buttons and that was it. 

Today was a craft free day, had to get back to my courses!   That was after I risked life and limb to get the supermarket shop.  It was so windy here today,  67 mph at the last count...   the car door smashed into me,  luckily I saw it and took evasive action.    Nice to be in the supermarket after the madness of Christmas,  very quiet,   no crowds,  no screaming kids, no bewildered shoppers... all was normal.   The windy conditions carried on into the afternoon so I stayed indoors,   it was just too dangerous to go outside.  

Need to get out tomorrow for an hour or so,  though the forecast is diabolical.   Just feel so much better when I've managed to get out and about for a while.  Need to check some dates as well..   

Hope you had a Good New Year's celebration,  I wish you a good year.

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