Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Got a bug and it won't go away!    Just thought I had a head cold last week,  but nope, got a bug.   Must have overdone it in last couple of days cos today I felt lousy,  didn't even want to get out of bed.   I was supposed to start a new aromatherapy course, but just couldn't find the energy., I rang to give my apologies and hopefully I will feel better by next week.   Need to get some zinc, that will kill it off! 

No chance of any crafting,   had to finish off essay for course.  That is now out of the way,  got essay number two to tackle, totally different course but not much managed to stay in my brain. 

I did manage to tidy up room, it had got beyond a joke,  looked at desk and well, there was no more room left for anything!    Time to do something, like tidy up.    Even mum agreed I didn't look my best and so she helped cook.   Not sure what it is but I am waking up between 3 and 4 a.m., then not being able to get back to sleep for a few hours,   and when I do I can't wake up!   I was far too cosy this morning,  heating on,  a bit dark outside cos it was the usual grey day.   

I have managed to change pic,  it will probably change again.  Did that a while a go,  I sort of like the irony of some bloke standing on a hill, holding an umbrella and looking onto a sunset.    Guess it shows how warped my sense of humour is!    The smaller pic shows same chap,  along with a red telephone box and street lamp,  all from the Portobello road collection by Do Crafts.  And can't remember who did the sentiments?   Lindsay Mason?   Possibly. 

Just want my Barbara Gray stamps to arrive!    Just taken a week for 3 tubes of pinflair to make it to me.  Please can my stamps arrive before the weekend?  I want to play with them. 

I have a new button on my blog,  for my craft group,  small but perfectly formed!  We take part in monthly swaps,  scrap challenges,  are going to tackle the 12 tags of christmas,  we're a chatty and friendly bunch.  So if you are a crafter and want to exchange ideas,  meet new people and learn new stuff, then hit that pink button.

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